Sales Introduction Question

by Annah

How do you develop the sales introduction for a prospective customer?

Comment from Stephen Craine

Annah, this is a great sales training question, and one that many people overlook as they focus too much on sales training on how to close the sale.

It's the sales introduction that gets you into a position where you can close the sale. And building an effective sales introduction is really worth investing in.

There are key elements that you should build into your introduction with a prospect:

  • A brief introduction of you and your product.

  • A general benefit the customer may get from you or your product.

  • The reason you there and why the buyer should listen to you.

  • An agreement to the sales process the meeting will follow.

  • A benefit the motivates the prospect to move with you to the next stage of the sales process.

How to build your sales introduction

The more you know about your prospect and there possible needs the more specific you can make the introduction.

When you introduce you and your company or your product, and you want to add a possible benefit that the buyer may gain from doing business with you.

The more you know about the buyer the more you can make this benefit sound good to them.

The most important line of the sales introduction is: The reason you are there.

It must be a potential benefit to the prospect. You want to grab their attention, build there interest so they will continue to listen to you.

The whole focus of yur sales introduction is to motivate the buyer to move with you to the next stages of the sales process.

A really effective way to make closing the sale easy later on in the meeting, is to lay out the agenda you would like to follow.

Show them the path the conversation will follow and how it will benefit them. Tell them that you would like to:

  • Ask them some questions to so you can show them the best proposal to meet their needs.

  • Present your proposal to them and demonstrate to them waht it will do for the prospect.

  • Then, you will ask if the prospect agrees that the product is right for them, and answer any questions they may have.

  • If they do agree on the benefits are they in a position to buy from you.

The benfits to you

Using this agenda you are already finding out if there is anything stopping the buyer from making a purchase from you today.

This can bring out any major objections that could stop the sale later on, after you have done all the work.

You are also putting the buyer at ease. You are letting them know when you will try and close the sale. This means they can relax and talk freely with you because you are not going to ambush them with a heavy sales closing techique if they show an interst in your product.

A relaxed customer will like you and is more likely to buy from you, so you can see how this will increase sales.

Choosing the words for your sales introduction, and the other sales stages, is very important and if done properly will lead to your success.

I use a workbook training course with my successful sales teams. It has a set of easy to complete exercises that show you how to add the words that build a great sales introduction.

It then uses the same process to help you build all the other sales stages to build a really effective sales process in your own words.

You can see what this course will do for you:

How it will increase your sales

Give you great confidence

And make your sales to customers friendly and relaxed

By clicking the image or seeing more information at Selling Success workbook training course and start using this proven sales training today.

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