Sales Appointment Calls Agreement Gaining Script

A sales appointment script that's proven to work for gaining agreement to meetings when cold calling prospects.

On this page I’ll show you how to create a closing line for your appointment cold calls that:

  • Gives the prospect a logical reason why they should meet with you.
  • Gains agreement even on calls where new prospect needs are discovered. 
  • Shows you how to ask for the appointment in a way that stops objections.
  • Lets you add your existing sales closing skills to this technique to make it even more effective.

Most of all, the closing lines you create will help you to enjoy closing cold calls with confidence because you will know how to gain agreement to an appointment. 

 Gaining Agreement to a
Sales Appointment 

You've qualified the prospect you're taliking with as someone who could become a customer. 

Now you’re ready for the closing stage where you gain agreement to a meeting, and you now want to say to the prospect: 

From the information you have given me I can see that you could be able to benefit from what I can offer you, so the logical next step is for us to meet. 

That’s the message but it has to be put into your own words and made appropriate for your prospects. The above is sometimes called the Benefit Line because you’re using potential benefits to persuade the prospect to agree to meet with you.

The above example is also not a question so a closing question needs to be tagged on to the end of it.

Follow the sales appointment cold calling training below to create your effective agreement gaining script...

Create Your Agreement Gaining Line

We’ll create the Agreement gaining Line in two parts:

1. The Benefit Line, as shown above.

2. The closing question, where a question is tagged on to the end of the benefit Line.

Cold Calling Tips on Creating a Benefits Line

To create the benefit line, first select the benefit you will use and then work it into a line that says to the prospect:

From what you have said there is a good possibility that you can receive the benefit of... 

In the earlier stages of the call you may have used benefits to gain the prospect's attention or to motivate them to move forward with you.

Now you can keep the theme flowing by using the same benefits you used earlier.

For example:

in the Introduction Stage of your call you may have said that you were calling to see if the prospect qualified to gain a certain benefit.

Now you are saying that they could gain that benefit.

And that's the reason they should meet with you.

Here is an example of a Benefit Line used as the first part of an actual closing script:

The age of your property does qualify you for a free survey, with no obligation, so we can assess what needs doing and give you a quotation before any work commences. 

Remember this Important Point:

You don’t have to use a benefit that you have used earler in the call, all of these sales appointment techniques are flexible and can be changed depending upon what happens on the call.

If a new need is dicovered during the call just use the same technique of linking the need to a feature that provides a benefit to meet that need. Then use it as a reason to meet with the prospect. 

Tagging a Question onto the Benefit Line

Once you’ve decided on the benefit line that you will use on your call think about how you will ask for agreement to a meeting.

One of the best cold calling tips I can offer is: Don’t ask directly for an appointment.

If you ask foran appointment and the prospect says no, where does that leave you? It's hard to recover from that situation. 

You've already told the prospect, in your Benefit Line, that there is a probable benefit for them, and you can logically assume that they will want to know more.

By assuming the prospect wants to meet with you the closing question tagged on to your Benefit Line can be as simple as:

When do you want to meet to discuss this further?

But as always, put into your own words and make it appropriate for your prospects.

A Working Example 

Here’s a working example, used in action by a tele-appointment caller, of the closing question tagged on to the Benefit Line:

The age of your property does qualify you for a free survey, with no obligation, so we can assess what needs doing and give you a quotation before any work commences (Benefit Line), is Monday good for you? (Question)

If the buyer says no, what have they said no to?

They haven't said no to a meeting with you because you didn’t ask that question. You asked if they were available on Monday eveing, so they are saying they are not available then. You can now come back with alternative dates.

The Complete Agreement
Gaining Script

There you have it, your Agreement Gaining script that gives the prospect a reason to meet with you by way of benefits they may gain.

And the question asking to agree a date that makes it harder for objections to be used and easier to overcome them if they do.

What really makes these cold calling techniques work so effectively is the work that you put in at the earlier stages of the call.

Gaining agreement to a sales appointment is done in Stage 4.

The techniques that you use in the 3 earlier stages make closing in Stage 4 so much easier.

To learn how to do this take a look at the sales appointment course I developed and use to train my sales teams and appointment setters. Click the image above to see what it can do for you, or go to Making Sales Appointments...

The Stages of a
Sales Appointment Call

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Overcoming Objections And just in case you get objections and call stoppers we have a full section on how to prevent and handle them at Handling Appointment Objections

And all of these stages are included, in more detail, including handling objections, in the training course Making Sales Appointments by Telephone shown above...

> > Sales Appointment Agreement Gaining

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