The Sales Agent Register to Find Opportunities

This sales agent register is dedicated to giving you the latest opportunities from principals targeting the UK markets for a wide range of products and services.

  • Get the latest opportunities for self employed sales agents emailed directly to you.
  • All the opportunities are for agents selling into the UK marketplace.
  • Add to your current product portfolio or look for a complete new line to sell.
  • Contact the principals directly with your application.
  • And there is no charge to sales agents for all these benefits.

What the Sales Agent Register
Can do for You 

By adding your name to the agent register you will get weekly updates on opportunities from business principals emailed directly to you.

The register is managed by the website and you can read more about them below.

Over the coming months there will be many changes to both the website and the register.

So this is an exciting time to start using the benefits they can offer.

The register will be refined so that the sales agent jobs, opportunities, sent to you will become more targeted to your requirements.

By adding your name to the register you will be joining other self employed sales agents that want to connect with business principals from both the UK and abroad who are targeting the UK marketplace with their products and services.

There is no charge for registering as a sales agent and the website has a strict privacy policy so you can be assured your details are never shared or used for any other purpose.

Who are only focuses on connecting sales agents with principals targeting the UK market.

The website can be updated daily with new opportunities as principals become aware of the effectiveness of advertising to the large number of self employed agents that visit the site and are on the sales agent register to receive regular updates.

The website is fast becoming a source of information for both sellers and principals. Relationships are being built with service providers for sales agents so we can now connect agents with legal professionals with experience of agency contracts if needed. is growing into the leading online platform for connecting agents with new opportunities and offering information and supporting services.

The Principals You Can Connect With

The principals that advertise with offer a range of opportunities for agents to sell their products and services.

There are opportunities for sales of products with a range of values and average order numbers. There are some with repeat business and others that are one off sales.

The customers can be retail, B2C direct sales to end users, sales to distributors, a full range of retail outlets, building trade and contractors, and just about every industry and marketplace including technical and specialist sales.

Some principals are looking for agents dedicated to just their products, others want agents with an existing portfolio of products and an existing customer base.

The one thing all the opportunities have in common is that they are all for sales agents in the UK.

See the latest sales opportunities from businesses looking for sales professionals ot

How the Sales Agent Register Works

  • There is no cost to join the register at sales
  • The websites privacy policy is strictly adhered to.
  • You can enter a much detail as you want, including a CV.
  • Your application has to be approved to maintain the quality of the register.
  • You will be sent weekly updates on the new opportunities available.

And when you are accepted on to the sales agent register you will be sent a free copy of the sales training course How to Close a Sale.  Start receiving new opportunities, and get your free sales training course, by going to Sales Agent Register

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