Review of How to Overcome Sales Objections Workbook Training Course

by JC Sales Manager

How to Overcome Sales Objections

How to Overcome Sales Objections

If you're thinking of buying the How to Overcome Sales Objections Workbook Training Course, read this first. I've used the objection training course with my field sales team, working in the service sector.

This is what I found, and the results we achieved.

Read the review and then make your decision on whether the workbook course is right for you.

Overview of How to Overcome
Sales Objections

The sales objection process is neat and easy to follow. It starts with the process outlined on the Sales Objections page. There are no fancy techniques, and even the least experienced of my sales team could understand the training.

The exercise program is superb, and in my opinion is the most important feature of the workbook. Each stage of the sales objection handling process is supported by the exercise program. This gave me, and each person, the chance to check they understood the training.

It also works well towards the sales objection course objective of people using their own words not scripted replies.

What I didn't like

You do get the feeling that you want the training to go faster. Some people have said they found themselves wanting to rush ahead. Some of the training messages are repeated and the workbook concentrates on detail at each stage.

My advice, stick to the pace of the workbook.

You can buy the workbook, and start putting the sales objection training into practice today, without missing out any of the pages. The attention to detail, and repeated messages and examples, will have a positive effect on the results you get when you use the sales training in the field.

What makes this training different to
others I've tried?

The sales objection training leads you to look at what you are trying to achieve at each stage of handling the objections. This gets away from the old sales training ways of rehearsed rebuttals and one answer fits all.

For a good example of what I mean look at how to define the real sales objections before answering them at overcoming sales objections using NLP to define the real objections.

When I heard phrases like:Defining the objection on the buyer's map of reality, I got a little worried.

It sounded a bit 'out there' for me. But when you get past some of the NLP terminology, and read the simple explanations of what it actually means, it all makes sense.

Important Bit-The Results

It.s difficult to accurately measure the sales that came as a result of handling more objections. The evidence I saw from my team was an increase in objection handling skills, and a growing confidence when faced with sales objections.

Those that followed the process overcame objections in a smooth way that took the customer with them. One comment from a team member was: I know what I'm doing now and treat each objection using the same process.

The big change I saw was sales people holding back from answering objections until they had properly defined them, and got all the barriers to a sale out in the open.

Sales Training that grows confidence

With the confidence they gained they were able to use the structure they had learned and gain agreement at every stage. This made closing the sales easier, and I recommend when you try it you come out of your comfort zone and do it just as the workbook describes. Follow the training and the results will come.

Those that didn't benefit

The people that didn't benefit are the ones that wouldn't change from what they were already doing.

No training can make sales people make changes. Any change is uncomfortable. Push through the barrier and put it into action with the confidence that it has worked for others.

You can buy it now and start using it today

The eBook cost just £14.99, which was more than covered by the first sale closed using the training.

I found it really easy to start using. You can download it now, put it into action today, and start earning money with it straight away.

To get this Sales Objection training workbook simply click the Buy Now Button and follow the instructions.

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For more information on this course you can open How to handle and overcome sales objections and see if it's right for you.

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