by Yahia Al Masri
(jeddah , saudi arabia )

I want to give staff training on how to increase the loyalty of my sales team. I am still new in this position and I want to learn more on how to give sales training to my team.

Reply from Stephen Craine:

The key point to use when putting together training to increase loyalty from your team towards the company is:

People do things for their own reasons not yours.

To gain loyalty from sales teams and individuals you have to give them a reason to be loyal. More importantly you have to give them a reason to be loyal that meets their needs.

Training and selling are very similar

It's just like when you are selling to a prospect.
You have to find the benefits that meet the buyer's needs. When you are influencing your team you have to include benefits of being loyal that give them what they are looking for.

Start by writing a list of all the benefits that your sales people could want from their job with the company.

Yes, there are obvious ones such as pay, more vacation time etc.

But there are many others that will build loyalty and keep them working for you even if they could earn more money elsewhere.

Start by asking them

I recently took over a new sales team. In my first informal conversation with each person I asked them what was important to them, what kept them at the company.

Some of the answers were really interesting:

The friendly office environment.
Working with the team.
Senior managers involve them in decisions.
Job security.
The company ethos
Being treated as professionals and trusted.

Now I know what I need to include in my sales training to highlight the benefits that will increase loyalty from my team.

Make it a two way training session

Make the training interactive and ask the team what they want from their job. Then ask them how they can create what it is that they want.

People will tell you and give you direction for your training sessions.

Many of the things people want, that will keep them loyal, are free and can be created with their help.

For more ideas on motivating sales teams take a look at Sales training tips...

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