by Benny
(Hamilton Hyundai Clovis New Mexico US)

I'm looking to have an advantage on other salesmen on correct way of prospecting?

There are some really effective ways to prospect that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Many of your competitors will also be looking for an advantage when prospecting for new customers. But they will make the mistake of starting their search by looking outwards.

Before you go out their into the hunting ground for new business it makes sense to know exactly what you are looking for. If you have a profile of what your perfect, profit making, customer looks like you will then know what you are hunting.

How to Build a Prospect Profile

Start by looking at the information you already have. Your customer records, sales reports, and all information you have that will tell you what your perfect customer looks like so that you can target prospects with a similar profile.

Then look at other information such as: How often they buy, do they have more than one supplier or which other sellers have they visited before buying. How do they make a decision, what are they looking for in your products and services, and what were the reasons they bought from you.

How do you get all this information?

Easy, you ask for it, you talk to your customers, you do competitions for completing surveys, and you send out customer satisfaction questionnaires.

When you have all this information you will have the perfect tool to give you an edge over your competitors who have gone out into the marketplace with a shotgun approach.

You can quickly spot a prospect that fits your profile and target them. You can also target your marketing at this profiled group.

The outcome is prospecting and marketing that is time efficient and faster than your competitors which means that you will convert more prospects than the other salespeople. You can see lots more free training on Prospecting in our Sales Prospecting Section...

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