Pick and Pack and Send Method

by Janartan Thamotharampillai
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The best methodology that I use is questioning what they do and finding small pieces of their private life to ensure the connection with the product and services that I can give.

Once attached to the them, you'll soon move on to the next stage which is capturing them and imagining that product through information we've attached to the product.

Next pause with a silence for one second.

Next they will be saying "Hello?"

Capturing their Attention. ( Psychologically you have made them want to stay when they wanted to leave when not interested but Now they want to be)...


Now is the time to bridge the linking area to Close.

This needs to be like a soothing transition: 'Like how a snake slithers on the floor and then captures its prey without it knowing of its existence.'

This has made you imagine the process method of the snake actually capturing its prey.

Imagination is the bridging to close now. Utilise this and tell them the line of:

"Picture this..."

And then once the prospective is positively reacting it's time to Close.

By saying the present tense Pyschological term: "NOW"

This is powerful and captures their attention further more.


"The human mind can only take in 3 sentences before drifting into imagination about negativity e.g bills and time and etc..."

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Janartan, that's really good use of visualisation and the imagination when selling. Thank you for sharing with us.

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