Personal Training Sales

by Jason
(New York )

I'm a Fitness Consultant and one of the most recommended steps in closing Fitness Sales is pre-qualifying individuals.

Unfortunately in my work setting, I don't get that luxury. 99% of the individuals that sit in front of me have no idea they are about to be sold Personal Trainer (and as such do not come prepared to make such a decision).

One of the trouble spots I have in my sales closing is creating an urgency to decide NOW. My biggest objection is: "I need to think about it".

Other than getting too 'salesy' with a response like "What is there to think about?" I don't know how to intelligently approach this obstacle to my sales so that it creates that urgency without offending my client.

Comment by Stephen Craine:


Thank you for your questions on sales training. Your question, and the comments you make, get right to the core of selling for many people in many sales situations.

There is no one answer that overcomes all the challenges in your questions. So let's take a look at each stage of your sale.

Pre-qualifying prospects for fitness trainers

You don't say where you and the prospect are, or what brings you together. If you can click the comments button below and give me more information I can be more specific.

You say you and the prospect are sat together and they are not prepared to make a decision.

This is true in many other sales situations but it doesn't stop sales, in some it helps.

Consider retail sales and forecourt sales, and any situation where impulse selling can be used.

How many times have you bought something that was an impulse purchase. Your heart wanted it and your brain found a logical reason why you should have it.

Think of pre-qualifying as checking that the prospect can actually buy from you, eg they have the means.

See more on this at Impulse sales closing techniques...

Creating an urgency to buy now

I understand your frustrations with not being able to find a motivator to make the prospect buy now.

Take a new look at the service you sell. You are selling a dream. The service you offer can change people's lives, give them something great, and help them avoid serious health consequences.

Create a sales pitch that finds their key needs and desires. Is it the body that will attract partners, long term health that means they are there for their family, or weight loss that keeps their career moving upwards.

Then give a sales presentation that hits their specific sales needs and desires, and add a buy now motivator.

Buy now motivators that build urgency can be based on scarcity:

You only have a few time slots left.

A new training program starts next week and there are only 3 places left.

It can be built around an impending change:

The price is going up.

You can use a straight sales closing question:

Are you serious about ...and then add the key need you established at the sales questioning stage.

Create a sales pitch with all the above sales techniques

I use a sales training course with my sales teams that creates a sales pitch that contains all the above features and more.

You will by breaking down the pitch into sales stages, have an objective at each stage of the sale, and follow an exercise program that shows you what to include.

The step by step instructions helps you work out what to say and how to make the sales pitch unique to each potential customer.

This sales training course has worked so well for me that I offer the guarantee that if after 3 months of completing the course you haven't increased your sales I will refund in full.

Give it a try by clicking the image or seeing more information before you buy at Sales Training Course...

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