Perfect Women?

by Liz

Do you think there is more pressure on today's generation of women to excel in the workplace and in relationships/motherhood, and to be physically attractive all at the same time, compared to previous generations?

I'm really interested in what other women think about this.

Comment by Donna Craine

Thanks for your input Liz.

This is exactly what I am interested in. It seems to me from what I observe around me, and also what I read, that there is more pressure on women to "have it all".

However this is only my opinion. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a different view of this argument.

However as to whether this causes more stress I am remaining on the shelf for that question as I am interested to see what other people think.

I will only say this, it seems to me that perhaps the types of stress women are experiencing is different.

As for the amount of stress, well I am sure my mother who raised me during recession in the 80's may think her experiences of stress were more or similar to what women experience today.

My great grandmother who as a single parent raised my grandad during the war, may think her experiences of stress were more or the same as what women experience now.

I strongly believe that our levels of stress can be altered by changing our perception of it and how we manage it, which is why over the coming weeks I will be giving useful techniques for stress management.

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