I am not achieving my target.

My sales deals are very poor.

I am depressed and getting pressure from my boss because of my monthly and daily results. I am at the stage where I coud lose my job if I do not start hitting sales targets.

I want to know how to convert sales of holiday memberships to families.


How can my sales deals target be achieved and my results increased?

Comment by Stephen Craine:

The above question was sent into the website this week. It's similar to many questions and requests for help that we get from sales people around the world that are close to losing their job because of their sales results.

Don't worry, you can start closing more sales in just a few hours.

I presume that you have enough prospects to see each week or month to sell to.

So now you need a great sales pitch to convert those prospects into paying customers.

You already know all about the holiday service you sell. By investing a few hours in creating a great sales pitch that uses your knowledge, you can increase your sales and keep your job.

Creating a great sales pitch

Think of a sales pitch as a set of 5 sales stages.

Your Introduction: The first few minutes with the sales prospect.

The Sales Questions: Where you discover what the customer wants.

Your Sales Presentation: You present how your holiday membership will give them the dreams they have.

Closing the Sale: If you have created a great sales pitch the earlier stages will make closing the sale very easy.

Overcoming Sales Objections: Dealing with thise last few obstacles before the prospect signs the deal.

When you know how to use a sales pitch like this, you will know what to say, and what you want to achieve, at each stage of the sale.

And you will know what to say next and how to close the sale all the way through your sales pitch.

Now see more information on how to create a great sales pitch by opening the page on how to create a successful sales pitch in a few hours at Sales Training Course...

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