by Bryan C

I work for a fundraising company and we call for various state Fraternal Order OF Police and I cant seem to get great donations like everybody else.

I work from home and most people are on fixed incomes or have not worked in several years. So what would be a great way to overcome those type of objections to increase my overall pledges?

Comment from Stephen Craine

Bryan, that's a good question. If you look at it from the perspective of asking people to give a percentage of their disposable income then they will look at it logically and realize they probably have none.

The key is to move away from the logic and aim for their emotions. It's the difference between a logical sale and an emotional impulse sale.

Here are a couple of ideas to play around with:

1. The first contact to a prospect could be to get your message across and connect with the listener without asking for a donation.

One way to do this is contact prospects with a survey or questionnaire first. Include questions that ask:

Are you the type of person who feels strongly about this cause?

If asked would you want to do something to help make changes?

These questions are gaining a self-commitment from the prospect.

2. Follow up the above with a second contact that follows the basic rules of sales and uses a process to ask for a donation.

You don't need to refer to the first contact as you have already set the subliminal seed in the prospect's mind.

3. If your target prospects really don't have any money to donate is there another way they can raise a donation.

Using the technique above can you influence your prospects to become organizers and hold events that will raise donations.

It's very hard to get people to decide with logic that they will give up their time and come up with ideas to raise donations. But motivate someone by connecting with their emotions and they will use their own resources to come up with great ideas and take action.

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