Most important step of the sales process?

by Eben


I am a student currently conducting a subject called Research Project where you have to research something and create a report on it.

I am researching which of the following step in the sales process is the most important?

(1) Prospecting
(2) Initial Appointment
(3) Presentation of product
(4) Followup in regards to changes to offer/objections
(5) Close of Sale

I was wondering whether you could give me your opinion on which of those steps is of greatest consequence/importance and why?

Thank you.

Response from Stephen Craine

Hi Eben,
All the steps are important as each one depends upon the previous steps to make it work successfully.

If I had to chose one as the most important I would say it is the initial apointment, along with the call you make to set the appointment.

If this goes wrong it stops any chance of getting the sale.

If other steps go wrong there is a possibility that you can recver and get back on track towards the close.

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