Making sales appointments on the phone

by Direct seller

Hi Stephen,

I sell home improvements direct to the public. We have people on the phone making appointments but to be honest they're not that good. Without appointments I spend my time making calls instaed of being out there closing deals.

I want to work with my appointment maker and give her some training on making appointments. I want good appointments where I've got a chance to sell, which I do not get many of now.

What's the best way of getting quick results and making more good appointments for me to go out and sell to? What have other people used, and what results have they got?

The appointment maker will benefit as well via their bonus scheme for sales made from their appointments.

Comment and answer from Stephen Craine

Hi, and welcome to the site, and the section we call a Special Place.

Your question is one that I come across all the time as a sales manager and trainer.

There is an effective answer that will help you learn sales skills that will fill your sales diary with appointments today.

Often sales people, especially direct sellers, don't get the support they should when it comes to sales appointments. Some years ago I had the same problem with my sales teams in the service markets.

I also found that some sales people had couls learn effective sales skills, but that didn't make them good appointment makers. To be good on the phone you need to learn sales skills for that task.

...And I know many sales people don't enjoy appointment making and soon get bored or distracted...

It sounds like you are looking for the same thing I was. A way to build an effective call, quickly, and achieve results so you can focus on what you're good at, which is selling.

Below is the course I now use with my teams, and a link for more information.

How to make sales appointments
by telephone

I've worked on developing an effective way to learn sales skills in an appointment training program that I now use with my team.

It's worked for me and my team, take a look and see if it is what you're looking for by opening Sales and Training Solutions for Appointment Making.

The appointment training program comes in a complete workbook that you can use as an individual training program or as a course to present to a team.

The exercises build into a call structure. But what's unique about this course

...and what I purposely aimed at developing..

is that the appointment call is made using the caller's own words and phrases.

So it can be used anywhere in the world, with any accent, and in any culture.

Your appointment maker can work through the book and start using it the same day. This makes it easier and faster to learn sales skills. There's no padding out of pages like you get in some sales training books.

I've marketed this training workbook for what I think is a reasonable price of £24.50. It's available as a download so you can start using it today, or get more information before you decide to buy by opening Sales and Training Solutuions for Appointment Making.

What makes an effective sales appointment call

To be effective on the phone, making sales appointments, there is one thing the call must have. It's the main reason for poor results when making sales appointment calls.

To see the most important part of an appointment setting call open How to Cold Call and see a full section on sales appointment making and learn sales skills to fill your diary.

There is lots more free sales training on how to make appointments in the Appointment Setting section of the site. Click the link or Appointment Setting on the navigation bar, and learn sales skills to give you more selling opportunities.

What are your sales
appointment tips

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