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making appointment
by: business2business

Nice information, many thanks to the author! It is good and correct. The usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again for this very informative post and good luck!

Top tips for making sales appointments
by: Superseller Canada

I'd like to add my sales appointments tips to the last list sent in.

1. Target your prospects.

The more targetted your prospects are the higher your conversion rate of calls to sales appointments made will be.

Spend time researching companies you are going to call and pre-qualify them. This will mean your time on the phone is not spent calling a list of prospects that are not interested in you or your your products.

2. Have a specific offer in mind

Similar to the other comments made about the reason for the call being all important. Have a specific offer you can discuss on the phone to generate interest. This is why you are calling to make a sales appointment because you have a great new offer to talk about.

3. Don't make a sale on the phone

Know how far into the sale you want to go on the telephone appointment making call. If you don't want to sell the product and a sales appointment is more beneficial to you, know where to stop. Have a reason for needing to meet with the buyer.

One reason for knowing when to stop is so you do not get into a price negotiation over the phone if you would rather do it face to face. If there are advantages to meeting with a buyer then have your reasons for visiting ready.

These are my 3 tips for sales appointments and how to make appointment calls.

Making sales appointments
by: PJ Cole

Making sales appointments is a sales skill that requires learning just like any other.

These are the 5 main points I include in my sales appointment telephone calls.

1. The most important part of the sales appointment call is the purpose of the call. It's what you can offer the prospect, if they will agree to the sales appointment.

2. Do not avoid the fact that you are trying to arrange a sales appointment. Be honest about it. If you have included the aboove action there is no need to disguise why you want to meet with them.

3. Qualify the prospect on the sales appointment call. Make sure it is worth going to meet with this prospect. Always know what information you need to get from them that proves they could become a buying customer.

4. Know what you are going to say. Have your sales appointment introduction ready and practice it. Write it in your own words. Do not use a script written by someone else.

5. Make every call sound like your first one of the day. Become aware of how you sound and make sure you sound positive. Take regular breaks and make your calls in batches. Your tone has to sound inviting and friendly to the prospect.

These are my top 5 appointment making tips, and there are many more that could be included. Start with these and you are on the right track.

Comments from Stephen Craine

Thanks PJ these are great sales appointment making tips.

I always tell my sales teams that the most important part of the sales appointment making call, is the reason they are calling.

This grabs the buyer's atention like a main headline in an advert or newspaper. The buyer hears your headline and will want to know more.

You can see more sales training on how to make sales appointments at Appointment Setting.

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Sales Appointments
by: Jackson UK

Hi Stephen

I agree with your comments on appointment making. I hate making sales appointments, I usually leave it until the end of the week, and I would much rather be selling than phoning.

The direct sales person is right, thier appointment maker needs to be feeding them quality appointments and in good numbers.

I've always found a good appointment call can make the sale so much easier, you are starting further down the sale and the buyer knows exactly why you are there.

A good sales appointment call can also get rid of many of the objections that could come out when you are in the sales appointment. Things like, still in a contract, no money or not the right decision maker.

I wish I had people making appointments for me.

I've looked around the website to learn sales skils and pick up ideas on how to make appointments. Now I'm going to look at the course you sell on the site and give it a try.

Live long and prosper


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