lowering the price

by Taylor Bergen
(Athens, GA)

Hello all!

My name is Taylor and I am new to the car sales business. I would consider myself a people person who is great on "selling the car."

The problem I find the hardest is the negotiation process.

For whatever reason, the second someone asks if I can lower the price, I freeze up and not know what to say. I HATE this!

I always find myself relying on my manager to deal with the issue which as you know, ultimately takes money out of my pocket.

What are ways or words, or anything to over come this problem of mine?

Comment by Stephen Craine:

Hi Taylor and thank you for the question.

Price negotiation is always going to come up when selling cars. It's almost expected by the customer that you are going to give them an opening price and leave yourself room to negotiate.

To start with here is a section on the website that looks at objections based on price: handling price objections...

Be prepared to negotiate:

Think of the price negotiation as a negotiation and not just you giving the customer a lower figure.

If you are going to give them something you want something in return. So a reduction in price, or an increase in value, from you should have a condition attached such as, the offer is only available if they agree the deal today.

If you just give without a condition the customer takes your offer and then wants more. Why not there are no strings attached, nothing is wanted from them.

When you negotiate you want something in return, a sale, or at least a step towards agreement of the sale.

Take a look at this course on Closing the sale. It will show you how to negotiate as you close.

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