Job interviews make me nervous

by Julie B
(London UK)

Good information on job interviews and how I can prepare for it. I always feel nervous before an interview and when I come out afterwards I know I could have done better.

I always think of good answers I could have given during the job interview.

How can I stop this happening in my next interview?

Comment from Stephen Craine

Feeling nervous before an interview is not unusual. Neither is thinking of great answers to iterview questions after the interview.

Some of my private clients say it is almost as if the interview is a preparation for them. After the interview they know what they should have said and now they are ready and confident, but it's too late, the opportunity has gone.

The key to confidence, and being able to answer interview questions, is good preparation. Follow the free job interview advice on the Job Interview Preparation pages and you will be able to predict interview questions and be ready to present confident answers.

Remember there are only so many questions you can be asked in an interview. The way the questions are framed may be different but the actual evidence, answers, and information they are looking for will be similar in all interviews.

In the interview training course I present to my private clients I use an exercise program that matches all the job requirements to your experience, skills, and attributes. As you do this you also decide which examples you want to present to the interviewer.

By the end of the course you can confidently recall each piece of evidence you want to present and which of the role requirements it can be used for.

The course also covers:

  • How you should answer the interview questions

  • How the interviewer wants you to present your information

  • How you can use your personal experiences out of work in an interview

All this is available for just £9.95, and you can download it today and start preparing for your job interview. Open Job interview training course and learn how to predict and answer interview questions.

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