Job Interview Tips To Get You
The Job You Want

Job interview tips from a career coach and interviewer.

I’m not going to waste your time with the obvious.

You will already information like what to wear, and that appearance is important.

The interview advice and help you'll find here is based on the things you probably don’t know. The things that stand out to experienced interviewers, like me, but candidates are unaware of.

For anyone preparing for interview

The job interview help is for anyone preparing for a job interview. This job interview advice will stop you making common mistakes and give you tips on answering interview questions.

The aim is for you to present what you can offer an employer in the best posible way.

Inside information and interview secrets

Using my experience as a career coach and interviewer for large corporate organisations, you will be getting inside information from the other side of the interview desk.

Job interviews can be life changing.

You’re going for the job because it benefits you.

I'm always amazed at the lack of preparation by some of the candidates I interview.

There are some job applicants that have good experience, that I'm sure would enable them to give great answers to the interview questions.

But they just haven't thought about how to present their evidence in the best possible way.

Invest some time in reading these job interview tips and then see what you can do to improve your chances of getting the job you want.

Top Interview Tips

Consider these job interview tips and the impact they will have on the interviewer, and the interviewers impression of you.

Prepare for that life changing interview

Getting the job you want can change your life.

It can dramatically increase your income and give you a greater lifestyle. Get the job you want and you could gain the benefits of job satisfaction, and actually be happy at work. When a candidate hasn’t prepared for their interview it shows in the first minutes.

Job interview tips: Prepare well for your interview

What I don’t want to see in an interview is a candidate struggling to answer basic questions that they should have expected and prepared for.

You will not know the exact wording of the interview questions you will be asked.

But with good job interview preparation you can predict 90% of the topics the questions will be about.

Prepare how to answer interview questions and present your evidence to show that you can meet the requirements of the role.

For more on preparing for interview open Job Interviews and how to prepare then come back here for more job interview tips.

Take a breath before you answer

You’re nervous, you want to appear eager to get the job, and you’re focused on the interviewer and their questions. The interviewer asks you a question and you blurt out the first answer you think of with no gap in the conversation.

I see this happen regular in the interviews I hold around the country. As soon as I have finished the question the candidate instantly replies.

Job interview tips : Take a breath before you answer.

Take a breath while you allow at least 3 seconds to pass before you answer. Use the time to consider if you’re presenting the best possible answer to the interviewer.

The interviewer will see you considering the question and putting thought into the answer. You will be perceived as confident and in control. These job interview tips will have a big positive impact on the image you project at interview.

Quality not quantity

The interviewer asks you a question related to how you can meet the requirements of the role. You answer the question by telling them about your experience or skills.

Many candidates start with an example and then add another one,...and another, ..then another....

They go for quantity instead of quality. What the interviewer hears is brief bits of information about each piece of evidence that's being presented.

Job interview tips: Present one really convincing example

Choose one strong example to present as your answer. Give a complete answer with all the relevant details to show how this example is good evidence of the attributes you can offer the employer.

In most cases the interviewer will be making notes on the interview and recalling the meeting with you later when they make the decision. Make it easy for them. Present one piece of evidence slowly and clearly

There’s a great way to prepare for interview.
Match your skills and experience with the role requirements on the job advert or job description. To learn how to do this to maximum effect take a look at the job interviews page.

Stand out from the other candidates

The decision on which candidate gets the job is usually made some time after the interview.

After a full day of interviewing, candidates can start to blur into one another. The interviewer then depends on the notes they have made and how those notes help them recall the candidate.

Job interview tips: Make sure they can remember you.

Leave something with the interviewer that will make it easy for them to recall you, and your interview.

A good example of this would be a carefully prepared folder containing your information. I recently interviewed a young woman for a sales vacancy. As we discussed her achievements and sales track record, she passed me an information file bound in a folder.

It contained her CV and contact details. A brief summary of her achievements. Copies of letters from customers praising her customer service skills. Copies of her pay slips supporting her sales track record with commission payments. And on the front was a small photograph of her.

When I got together with colleagues later to discuss her application I had everything I needed to recall her and what she could offer the company. She made herself stand out from the other candidates.

Tell the interviewer what you can do for them

This next job interview tip should be easy for anyone with a sales background.

...And anyone else can soon pick it up and use it as a great job interview help..

Job interview tips: Tell them what you can do for them.

Tell the interviewer what you can do for them. Not just what you can do. It’s the same as selling the benefits of a product not just its features.

When you present a qualification, tell the interviewer what that can do for them. How it benefits the employer. If you have a skill, give an example of how the company will benefit from that skill if they employ you.

Answering an interview question with a long list of your experiences does nothing for the employer. They want to know how those skills help them.

This is even more important for anyone applying for a sales job. The interview is a sales pitch and the product is you.

Get professional help to prepare for your interview

Get professional help that will give you a big advantage over the other candidates.

When you go into that important interview you will:

  • Know which questions to expect
  • Have great answers prepared
  • Match your evidence to the role
  • Know how to present your information
  • Always know what to say and how to say it

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