Job Interview Questions

Nothing to worry or get nervous about, just be confident and never tell a lie, and answer what you know.. are the first principles while attending an Interview.

I had lot of experience in this area, so I collected a big list of interview questions and answers sites (more than 220 sites) on wide variety of areas.

This doesn't cover just interview questions but also has information related to how to dress, how and what to ask the person who is interviewing you like if it is HR, you might want to know about the work environment, about the overtime rules, about the holiday structure, any medical benefits, insurance coverages etc...

Thought it would be useful to all, so sharing them at the below link .. might be of some help to you... today and even in future..

Comments from Stephen Craine

Some good advice for job interviews and thanks for sharing. I've just checked out the list of sites and there is a massive amount of free job interview information.

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