Job Interview Questions
Why Do You Want The Job

The job interview questions on: Why do you want the job, are asked in all interviews no matter what the role is.

Being asked this question gives the applicant a great opportunity to impress the interviewer with a well prepared answer.

But many job applicants answer the question very poorly and make a common mistake with the focus of their reply.

A poor answer to this important interview question can stop you getting the job you want.

Getting the job you want can be life changing.

It is well worth investing in good job interview preparation to give you the best chance of success.

Most of us don’t attend job interviews very often so it’s no wonder that we struggle with interview questions and answers.

Spending some investment on this one particular question is well worth while.

Examples of how to answer

Here are some examples that show how to answer this important job interview question.

I’m a sales manager and I have interviewed applicants for many roles over a period of two decades.

Recently I’ve been interviewing candidates for sales jobs in the waste and recycling industry and I always ask the applicant: Why do you want the job. Many of the applicants answered the question by focusing on the benefits they will gain if they get the job. For example:

Some told me that it was a growing industry with lots of career opportunities.

Benefits for them not me, or the company paying me to recruit staff.

Some answered by telling me that recycling and green issues were fashionable.

Yes I know that, but what does that answer do for me or the employer.

One even said that recycling is pretty cool.

Oh well that’s great, here have the job you deserve it for that answer.

There were many similar answers that all made a common job interview mistake. They were all about the job applicant and why the position would be good for them.

That’s a very big mistake and one that can cost you the job, especially if the other applicants have invested in their interview preparation.

How should you answer

When you’re asked the interview question, why do you want the job, your answer should be focused on what you can bring to the role that will be of benefit to the employer.

When an applicant tells me they want the job because it’s cool.

Or beacuse it's fashionable.

Or because there will be plenty of opportunities for them.

They have missed an opportunity to score some really positive interview points.

They may also have negatively influenced my opinion of them and their application for the position.

I’m looking for benefits for me and the company employing me to recruit staff.

When I hold job interviews I do it so that the company I’m working for will get the best possible person for the advertised role. I am not doing it for the benefit of the applicants.

The successful applicant at the recent job interviews answered the question by drawing parallels between his work experience and the requirements of the role.

He also explained how he had a keen interest in the environment and recycling and was looking forward to learning the company product and service knowledge.

And, because he was passionate about the subject he would be motivated to research about the industry, marketplace, competitors, and other related information, in his own time.

Job interview questions preparation

Here’s some interview preparation advice on how to answer: Why do you want the job.

Start by making a list of the benefits the employer will gain if they give you the position.

Check your list of answers and look for the ones that will be most appropriate for answering the question. If you were an employer which ones would you want to hear.

Remember, every interview question you are asked is an opportunity for you to communicate something positive about you and what you can do for the company.

You might also want to consider any information that you want to get into the interview about yourself that might not easily fit answers to other standard interview questions.

Now choose your best answer and practice it. Say it out loud, play about with the words, and make sure you can answer with total confidence when you are next asked the interview question: Why do you want the job.

Are you serious about preparing for
your job interview

Good job interview preparation gives you a great advantage over other candidates, or it gives them an advantage if you don’t invest in it.

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It takes you through 15 exercises that bring all you can offer an employer into your conscious focus making it easy to recall the information and present it.

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