Job Interview Preparation and How to Answer Interview Questions

Job interview preparation can be easy to do and a great investment of your time.

And yet many candidates don’t invest in preparing for interviews, or learn how to answer interview questions with confidence.

Think of the difference interview success can make to your life:

  • An increase to your income
  • Job satisfaction
  • Job security
  • Better benefits

Stand out from the many candidates that haven’t prepared, don’t have answers and information ready to present, and struggle to communicate confidently.

Job interview preparation gives you an advantage

I’ve been interviewing people, and running assessment centres, for major organisations for many years.

I’ve seen many good candidates ruin their chances at interview because they were nervous and not prepared. Job interview preparation can make sure you don't make the same mistakes.

Let's start these job interview preparation tips with a simple but important statement:

At interviews it is not always the candidate with the best qualifications, experience, or skills that gets the job.

If you are the best candidate you still need to convince the interviewer and communicate confidently the reasons why you're the best person for the job.

If you're not the best person for the job you can take advantage of mistakes others make.

Give yourself an advantage by preparing for interviews and learning how to answer interview questions.

Be able to present your interview question answers in the most effective way.

Keep the interest of the interviewer.

Job interview preparation will help you predict what questions they are going to ask, and have your answers ready.

The free job interview tips you’ll find here will show you:

  • How to answer interview questions
  • Know what to say in the job interview
  • Boost your confidence and improve you communication skills

And most of all it will give you the advantage over those candidates that haven't invested in job interview preparation.

How to answer interview questions

Follow this exercise and see how the difference preparing for job interviews can make.

The first step is to identify a major role requirement that an interview question will be focused on.

Take the job description, or advertisement, for the job you are applying for and choose a major skill or competency that the job requires. This will definitely be included as an interview question.

The question could be asked in many different ways, but the interviewer will always be looking for whether you meet this major job interview requirement.

Take this quick test

Think of one of the major attributes, experiences, or skills, the job your applying for requires.

For this job interview preparation, imagine the interviewer has just asked you, How you meet this requirement?

Without too much preparation, answer the question as you would in an interview. If you have a way of recording yourself, such as on your mobile phone, then do it.

...Go on there’s only you and me listening. ..If not write down exactly what you say as your answer to the question..

Now give yourself some feedback

Did you sound confident?

Does your answer make sense?

Was it to the point?

How much additional information was there that wasn’t needed?

If you were the interviewer would you be impressed, bored, or confused? Now let's do some basic job interviews coaching so you can see and hear the difference investing in interview training can make.

How to answer interview questions effectively

Let’s start with some free interview coaching that will make an immediate difference.

Write down all the experience, skill, or qualifications, you have that show you meet the major role requirement that you selected above.

..Just bullet points, one line statements..

Now pick the one really strong example, or piece of evidence, that you are going to use as evidence you meet this requirement.

Choose one piece of evidence that proves you can do, or have, what they are looking for in a candidate. Something that shows you have the major skill or experience the interview question is focused on.

Do not write your answer down

Just say it as you would when answering a question in an interview.

Say it again and make it better.

No waffle, no padding out or filling the answer with non-relevant verbal garbage.

Just make a meaningful sentence and say it with confidence.

Your aim is to communicate this one piece of information to the interviewer.

Only add words and phrases that really support the main point without repetition of information. And stick to just this one strong example.

...A common interview mistake is to use too many examples to show competence or answer just one question..

Always get it right verbally first before you start writing anything down as a memory aid.

When you’re happy with your answer write it down, or record, the full answer. Include everything you're going to say.

Once you’ve written it down or recorded it, check for any redundant words or phrases. Cross out anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Take out any waffle. Listen to the answer from an interviewer’s position.

How do you sound?

Now present your answer as you will when you’re in the job interview, and record it or write it down.

If you’ve followed the above instructions you should sound confident as you present this one piece of information about you and your abilities.

You’ve made sure that you are answering the interview question about how you meet the specific job requirement. The answer is neat, with all superfluous information take out.

...That alone will please the interviewer no end..

Look at the difference you have made with one very brief action of job interview preparation, on just one part of your job interview techniques.

That’s one small part of preparing for a job interview. There is so much more you can do to make sure you know how to answer interview questions and give yourself the best chance of interview success.

More job interview preparation techniques

Once you pick out the other major attributes that the employer is looking for you can do the same exercise as above for all of them.

It gets easier and quicker as you learn the skill of this interview preparation technique.

That’s just one brief example of the job interview preparation I use when coaching clients for interviews.

I have put together a full interview preparation training workbook course, called Get the Job You Want.

It contains a complete exercise program that helps you prepare for your important interview and gives you a massive advantage over the other candidates.

Get the job you want workbook course

The job interview preparation course that will show you how to answer interview questions, and present what you can offer an employer in the most effective way.

When you go into that important interview you will:

  • Know which questions to expect
  • Have great answers prepared
  • Match your evidence to the role
  • Know how to present your information
  • Always know what to say and how to say it

Click the buy now button and get the job you want for just £9.95 (That's about $15)

Buy Now

You can buy this job interview preparation course now for just £9.95

Click the buy now button to start using the course, or click the image for more information.

When you click the buy now button you will be taken to the secure Pay Pal site to process your payment. You can pay by credit or debit card, or use an existing Pay Pal account.

Any problems with payment or downloading, or any questions about the course, you can contact me via the contact pages on this site.

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