Interview Tips On How to Present What You Can Offer an Employer

Interview tips that will show you how to answer questions and present your experience and attributes to give you the best chance of success.

I’ve been managing job interviews and assessment centres for over two decades. The information here will show you how to present what you can offer an employer in the best possible way.

This help and advice will stop you making the common mistakes that I’ve seen ruin many candidate’s chances.

Important interview tip:

The best person for the job is not always the one that’s successful at interview.

If the best candidate cannot communicate their experience and skills at a job interview they may be beaten by a less qualified candidate.

Follow the interview tips on this page and you will communicate in a way that will make it easy for the interviewer to take in and understand your evidence.

So here’s five important interview tips that will help you to get the job you want...

Phrase everything positively

The interviewer is assessing you as a person. From the moment you walk in they are forming an opinion of you.

Interview tips: Make sure they see you as a positive person.

A really important piece of job interview advice, don’t bad mouth your previous employers.

In fact don’t be negative about anything.If you're leaving your current job for negative reasons, turn it into a positive.

Instead of: Sales targets were too high.

Say, I’m looking for a company that supports its sales force to achieve targets.

Every negative can be turned into a positive.

You do not want a potential employer to see you as a negative moaner.

Even if what you are moaning about is true.

Turn it into a positive.

This is a golden piece of interview advice.

No one likes a negative person.

Make sure you are positive and constructive throughout your interview.

It’s simpler to tell the truth

An experienced interviewer will see through anything less than the truth.

I will often ask the same interview question in several different ways during an interview. It shows me if the answers are consistent. Answers will often contradict each other if they are not based on truth.

Interview tips: Base all your answers on facts

You can put different spins or viewpoints on an answer, but always base it on facts.

Once you have told a lie you will have to tell more lies to cover it up. It takes great skill to give consistent false information in a stressful situation.

A good interviewer will quickly see the inconsistencies.

Don't lie. But also don't make the mistake many people do of not seeing the importance of your experiences and skills.

Some of your experinces may seem trivial to you but think what they mean to an employer.

Look at the job requirements you don’t meet and look into how your skills and experience could be presented in a way that shows you meet similar requirements.

Or, in a way that shows you can take on board training to build required skills.

Interview the interviewer

All interviews are a two way process.

Don’t just sit there answering interview questions. Make it a conversation. Gather information that you can use to make a decision on whether to accept the position based on this job interview.

Interview tips: Interview the interviewer

Job candidates that are already in a job, or are offered more than one position, have to be able to compare the roles and assess the best action.

It’s a massive decision. Your future career, your income, and how you spend around 40 hours a week can depend on this decision.

As the interviewer moves the meeting through the different topics related to the role engage them in a two-way conversation.

Always prepare some questions to ask

It is usual, at the end of an interview, for the employer to ask if the job candidate has any questions.

Interview tips: Always have some questions to ask.

Asking questions shows:

  • You are interested in the role
  • You have prepared for the interview
  • You can communicate and interact effectively

Write them down and take them in with you. Do not say, No you have answered everything. The interviewer will have heard this many times already and you want to stand out from the other candidates. Asking good questions will help you do that.

Ask how you will be assessed. What would you have to achieve in the first 3 months for the employer to see you as successful and their decision to employ you as a good one?


Future prospects. Why the job has become available. Ongoing training. Company plans. The biggest challenges. Additional or secondary skills that could be useful.

Could you see where you will be working. How about talking to some of the staff

Have a final comment ready

How do you finish the interview?

In a traditional job interview format, the interview finishes after you have asked your interview questions. So when you have asked your last question it’s up to you to make a final comment.

Interview tips: Prepare a final comment.

It doesn’t have to be a long speech. Just a couple of sentences.

Indicate that you have no more questions, and leave the interviewer with a positive impression of you that they will remember.

In your own words tell them, you have all the information you require, you want the job, and give them a final positive statement that tells the interviewer what you can do for them

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