I don't need your product

by Darlene

Some business people tell me that they have done very well on their own without ad displays in media for x...number of years, and they don't see the need for the ads to help them find more customers.

Comment from Stephen Craine:

Hi Darlene,

I've heard this objection many times when I was selling products and services that help businesses, such as advertising.

Deciding how to handle this objection depends upon where in the sales pitch the objection arises.

If you get the objection early on then it is probably a smoke screen and not a real issue for the customer. The buyer's interest and attention hasn't been grabbed at the introduction stage of the selling process. See the section on the Introduction Stage of the sales process...

If the objection comes after you have made your presentation then the buyer hasn't seen benefits for them in your proposal.

There are 2 actions you can take:

1. Look at the Questioning Stage of your sales pitch.

Are you getting all the information on your customer's needs. Checkout the section on Sales Questions...

2. If you have asked the right questions have you presented benefits that the customer wants and shown how the features of your product supply those benefits. See the section on making Making Sales Presentations...

For ways to overcome sales objections checkout How to overcome sales objections...

My very best wishes

Stephen Craine

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