I can't buy now, because the economy is too bad!

The following question was sent in to the website:

How do you over come the following objections:

The economy is too bad to buy now!

I don't have enough money right now!

I don't have room!

I have to much money tied up in retail already!

Comment from Stephen Craine:

These are common objections that many sales people are getting right now.

Let me start by saying there are no smart rebuttals or one line answers that will suddenly make a sales prospect want to buy after giving you an objection.

Many sales people are trained to jump straight in with a line to challenge the objection. My advice is STOP!

You don't know what the real objection is yet.

The first thing to do is find out if the objection is real or a smoke screen.

You need to ask questions to discover what
the real objection is.

Ask questions to find out what the true objection is, and whether it is in their map of reality or actually exists in the real world.

Thee is more on how to find the true objection at NLP sales objection techniques...

Do they have the room or the money, but are raising a smoke screen objection because they have not seen the value in the proposal you have presented.

Think about it, how many times have you bought something but
you couldn't really afford it?

You saw the value, or you felt the impulse, and suddenly you found a way to buy. So if you hadn't seen the value or felt a need for the product, you may have raised an objection of not having enough money.

If they genuinely do not have enough money or room, but they want your product,the way forward is to find a way to make it affordable.

If the issue is room and it is genuine you need to find a solution.

Finance, moving stuff around to find space, it all depends upon the situation.

The important aim is to make the prospect want what you sell

If you can show them the value, what they would be missing out on, how much they will gain, and all the benefits associated to your product, they will be motivated to find a solution to the money or room issue.

There is a 4 step process that you can use to overcome objections.

It starts with identifying the true objection.

Then shows you how to overcome the objection in 3 easy steps.

For common objections such as the ones above, the course will show you how to build a pre-emptive line into your sale to innoculate against the objections before they happen.

You cansee more on overcoming these, and other objections, at How to handle objections...

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