How To Sell Cars Starting with a Stunning Sales Introduction

The introduction and meeting the prospect

How to sell cars starts with a great sales introduction, and the first impressions that professional sales people want to give their customers, before starting to sell.

Car sales professionals, and car sales businesses, will find car sales training here that leads to success.

By thinking about the car sales guide you see here, and how you can add it to your sales role, you can increase your income and develop your car sales career.

A proven car sales tip on how to sell cars:
Make sure you can present a confident introduction to start the sales meeting with a potential buyer.

On this page you’ll find out how to build your stunning sales introduction for selling cars.

The sales introduction

The introduction stage of the sales process is the most important part of the sales meeting with customers.

Learn how to do it well and you will close more car sales. Grab this training and earn the most you can while enjoying a successful car sales career.

How to sell cars sales training will show you how to build relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals from customers.

You’ll enjoy meeting new customers as you start the sales process with a great introduction. Then sell more cars, and earn more top money in a market place that rewards the best sales people well.

The complete car sales process 

looks like this.

A complete car sales guide to how to sell cars using professional car sales techniques.

The car sales process main page

Appointment setting and prospecting for car sales

The introduction and meeting the prospect .....This page

Questioning the car buyer’s needs

Presenting the best car for your customer

Car Sales Techniques to Overcome Objections.

Selling a car on the test drive

Negotiation techniques to sell more cars

Selling cars and closing the deal

Selling techniques to give you sales referrals and recommendations

The car sales introduction

The most important part of the sales process

It will take some time for a customer to make a decision about buying a car. But they will make a decision about you within the first minutes of your introduction.

At the same time you will be making your own judgements about the customer based on your first impressions. This is an important skill to learn how to sell cars.

Selling cars depends upon the customer having a positive first impression about you.

How to sell cars offers ideas for you to build a really effective introduction for when you meet with your prospects. Use what you find here and you can influence their first impressions.

How do you introduce yourself

Do you use your first name and sound informal?

Are you Mr, Mrs, or Miss and keep the meeting formal?

Neither are right or wrong

But it is important that you choose which you use and not just use it by accident.

Different countries and cultures will mean there are expected ways to introduce yourself. Have you consciously decided how you will introduce yourself?

Steve or Steven. Kam or Kameljit. Angela or Angie. If you use your first name do you shorten it?

Again there is no right or wrong.

Be aware that shortening your name is more informal. It implies familiarity, and that’s great as long as the customer goes along with it.

Make a choice for the right reason and project the image you want.

A good question is, How formal do you want your meetings with customers to be?

This can depend on the country and culture you are working in. Should sales people be seen as serving the customer and stay within expected practices. Or, will a more friendly, informal, relationship be more effective? What do your customers expect?

Bring your car sales introduction into conscious focus

Think about the reaction you want from your prospects. In those first minutes of the car sales meeting, what do you want them to be feeling, thinking, and reacting to.

Consciously decide now what reactions you want.

Relaxed, comfortable, focused on you, see the environment as professional, you are positive about the product and the company.

No sales pressure, trust your knowledge, trust you as a person, you’re confident when talking, and most of all they like you.

Write down your own list if you’re serious about standing out as a car sales professional that wants the rewards of investing in your own car sales training.

The next step after your name

After you’ve given your name what do you say next in your sales introduction?

Many car sales people will ask a question in an attempt to build rapport with the customer. Let me offer you this alternative suggestion on how to sell cars.

Use what you have

This stage of how to sell cars is all about establishing what you can do for the customer.

Inexperienced sales people, that haven’t invested in sales training, sometimes think this is all related to price, or getting the customer the cheapest deal. At this stage of the sale It’s not, it’s about you.

After you’ve introduced yourself, add some something about you that will work towards gaining the respect, confidence, or attention of the customer.

Think about the list you drew up earlier and the reactions you want. It’s important and will give you an advantage over your colleagues and competitors.

Use your title or position in the company. A qualification, a speciality, or evidence of your knowledge. If you’re young, stress your experience. If your mature, prove your up to date with the latest developments.

For example:

I’m Stephen Craine, your customer service manager. I’ve worked for the company for 5 years. I started my career in the car service department, so I can give you the benefit of a mechanics knowledge on all the cars you see here.

Why should they listen to you?
What’s the benefit to them?
How can you help them?

Use whatever skills and experience you have to build that respect and confidence.

Deciding on your next
words and actions

There are some car sales people that choose to approach customers on the forecourt with the question, Are you looking at buying a car today?

As I said earlier, there is no right or wrong. In my opinion this is not how to sell cars. The reaction to this question from the customer is very predictable.

A positive answer means you are well on your way to a sale. A NO response means you have built a mountain of an obstacle to get over if you still want to try and make a sale today.

Build a relationship

Build trust – Build respect – And something more

Do not try and sell a car before you have built a relationship and the customer has moved into an emotional buying state.

You’ve introduced yourself and given some information that will start to build trust and respect for your knowledge and experience. And hopefully they have started to like you. This is how to sell cars.

Now they should introduce themselves to you.

But you should take control and lead the conversation with the right strength of questions and gestures. Keep them talking and don’t interrogate them.

You can see some effective sales training on Questioning Techniques and then think how to structure your first questions.

This is the difference between selling to business customers and selling direct to the public.

Business customers know the script. They know when and how to introduce themselves.

The public don’t. You have to help and guide them through the process.

There is no right or wrong way

After giving your name and a brief introduction about yourself, some car sales people go straight into a conversation about cars.

Others focus on family that are with the customer. A few ask about the customer’s work or interest.

My advice on how to sell cars, pick up on what you think is best for each individual customer.

Be flexible. See what is important to them.

If there is family with them there will be signs, body language, positioning, that tells you whether to include them.

There will be clues when they introduce themselves. If they mention cars, or indicate with their actions towards their current car, you know to get straight to the point.

How to sell cars is more about listening and watching rather than talking and acting.

Are they vague or direct when speaking? Have they looked for a sales person or stood at a particular car? Is this their first visit? Were they passing or have they arranged an appointment?

If you have approached them on the forecourt did they back away slightly or make a small body movement towards you?

How to sell cars is not about fast talking sales pitches, trick closes, or bullying customers into buying before they are ready.

It’s about reading and understanding each unique customer and giving them what they want, in a way they can best receive it.

It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of terrific features on your cars.

Or if your car is the best buy on the market. If they don’t like you they won’t buy.

People make buying decisions with their emotions, then justify them with logic.

Build the relationship, get to know them. How they think, who is really making the decisions, what’s important to them.

They are telling you the benefits they are looking for.

Make sure they respect your knowledge and experience. Look for something more than that, do they like you?

The next step in the introduction stage

Tell the customer how you are going to sell to them

Agree a sales process with the customer

You’ve given the customer a good reason to listen to you. You’ve told them what you have to offer them from your experience and skills. You’ve had a brief conversation with them to break the ice.

Now explain the sales process you will follow and why it will benefit them. In your own words tell them what happens next. Most customers want you to take control, without being pushy.

Learn how to sell cars by closing
from the introduction onwards

.....Many sales people I train are alarmed at such an open and honest selling technique.

This method of how to sell cars includes the customer from the beginning. It relaxes them. You gain a massive amount of commitment and information that less experienced car sales people leave until they try and close the car sale.

Tell them about the stages you will go through.

How you need to ask them questions to establish what they are looking for.

Show them the best car to meet their needs, wants, and desires.

Answer any questions or concerns.

Take them on a test drive.

Value their part exchange vehicle.

Discuss price and finance.

Then, when they have all the information, and your sales proposal, you’ll ask them to make a decision.

Gain their commitment to this process

Gain their commitment to this process and you have started the sales process in an honest and open way.

This will encourage the customer to be relaxed and talk freely, as they are not worried about you trying to trick them into a sale if they show too much interest.

Use your experience and
car selling skills

...How much commitment you get now, to the decision part of the process, is for you to decide. This is where your knowledge of your customers, and your sales skills are used.

The more commitment to a decision you get, the closer you are to a sale. This is how to sell cars effectively, and earn money.

To see how this commitment gaining in the introduction stage fits into how to close a car sale, click the link and open Closing the Deal to consider how you close the sales througout the selling process.

You are agreeing to spend a lot of your valuable car selling time with this customer.

In return you want to know if they are in a position to buy, and how they will make their buying decision.

Based upon their answers you can then make a decision on how much time you invest in selling to the customer.

The next stage of the Car Sales Process is to question the customers needs.

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