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How to handle sales objections, close more sales, and earn more money. Turn more objections into sales by asking questions about the sales objections that you find difficult to overcome.

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Pick and Pack and Send Method 
The best methodology that I use is questioning what they do and finding small pieces of their private life to ensure the connection with the product and …

I don't need your product 
Some business people tell me that they have done very well on their own without ad displays in media for x...number of years, and they don't see the need …

lowering the price 
Hello all! My name is Taylor and I am new to the car sales business. I would consider myself a people person who is great on "selling the car." …

Calling to set an Appt with a potential prospect 
When calling to set the appointment from a lead generated by a telemarketing company, they say..."I'm not interested!", or I'm too busy!" Comment …

Shoe sales for major company 
I'm am very new to shoe and apparel sales. So far I have done quite well for myself. I am working on intros to customer, but how do I respond when a …

Close Phase of a Sale 
Can you tell me what do you listen for in a close phase of a sale? Comment from Stephen Craine: That's a question that we could write a book …

I work for a fundraising company and we call for various state Fraternal Order OF Police and I cant seem to get great donations like everybody else. …

handling objections 
If a customer objects to the sale with "I need to think about it", what are some proper techniques to getting past this objection? Comment from …

in hard times, customers wont part with cash 
So.. recently the area in which our business is located is experiencing a quiet period. We are a tourism destination and the numbers are down at the …

overcoming price shopping objections 
I work in car sales and the most difficult objection for me to overcome is people who are shopping out other dealers for price. Price is set by management, …

Personal Training Sales 
I'm a Fitness Consultant and one of the most recommended steps in closing Fitness Sales is pre-qualifying individuals. Unfortunately in my work setting, …

You are the first company we've gotten a quote from. 
In an, "In Home Sales Presentation," for a home improvement project, I do not have a good response to, " You are the first person we've spoken to, we need …

I can't buy now, because the economy is too bad! 
The following question was sent in to the website: How do you over come the following objections: The economy is too bad to buy now! I don't …

Send Me Some Info. 
Can you briefly describe how you handle the typical objection of "send me some information." This is a very common sales objection and one that sales …

HOW TO START A SALES OF THE RESTAURANT AND BANQUETS..??? Comment from Stephen Craine Hi Smita, thank you for your question on how to start sales …

School Tour Objections! 
Selling to teachers brings up a lot of objections, and I'm a bit stumped on how to overcome the following: * We don't have enough students interested …

Sales Objection: It costs too much money 
Please can you give me answers to this sales objection: Your product costs too much money compared to other similar products that I've been offered. This …

Sales objection handling technique "...Although I understand your concern, I am sure you would understand it better... so please tell he how I can …

You have high interest on your loan 
How would you answer the sales objection: On an unsecured loan, why is your interest very high compaired to a secured loan. This is a sales objection …

The objection Send me some information. Yes we have all had that one at sometime, some more than others. My intial reaction would be to agree to send …

Review of How to Overcome Sales Objections Workbook Training Course 
If you're thinking of buying the How to Overcome Sales Objections Workbook Training Course, read this first. I've used the objection training course with …

Help for overcoming these objections 
Here are some objections that may come up (if we have anything to do with it..) in the warm up/survey steps in closing contracts today (home Improvements): …

How to Handle Sales Objections with the Feel Felt Found Technique 
Feel Felt Found is a way to handle sales objections that has been around a while and stood the test of time. It’s a great way to handle those quick …

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