How to Close the Sale

How to close the sale by knowing when you should be closing and why you might be getting it wrong now.

Closing the sale is how we earn our money, keep our jobs, and grow businesses. So it’s worth taking a look at this sales training to make your closing techniques even more effective.

Take a look at the short video clip and watch what happens to the salesman after a good start to the sales closing stage of his pitch.

See how many missed opportunities you can count and how you would do it differently.

The video clip is meant to exaggerate the sales training points but you would be surprised how many people actually do something similar in their sales pitches.

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Here's two effective sales closing tips on when and
how to ask for the sale.

How to close the sale - Confidence

If you don’t ask for the sale - Don't expect to get it.

There are sales people that give a great sales presentation and then don’t ask for the sale. This can be because they think they are being pushy, a lack of confidence when closing, and many other reasons.

People new to sales often expect customers to close the deal for them. They think if they do an effective sales presentation the customer will say: Yes, I want it, you have convinced me, this is the right product for me.

That just doesn’t happen. Even when you are selling low cost items the buyer needs to be closed. Do not expect them to take control of the conversation. You are the sales professional and you control the direction and stages of the sales process.

How to close the sale tips:

Have several closing lines ready to use in different situations. You want closing lines and questions of varying strengths and for different types of customers.

You must be able to close a sales= confidently. Practice your sales closing techniques and look for more ways to improve your closing skills. All investment in closing will pay you back many times over.

How to close the sale - Timing

I’m a working sales manager and I see many opportunities to close the deal missed.

This is one of the easiest closing techniques to train sales people in using effectively.

Know when to close a sale.

When you have given your sales presentation and presented benefits that meet all of the buyer’s needs, wants, and desires, it’s time to close the deal.

If you are not confident about closing at this point you can use a trial close.

A trial closing question such as: Have I covered everything you want the product to do for you. Or, what do you think so far.

It is better to use a trial close early than to try and close the sale too late.

If you carry on with your sales presentation after you have covered all the buyer’s needs you will start to lose their interest.

The moment will have passed and that emotional state when a prospect is right for closing will be missed.

How to close the sale tips:

As part of your sales presentation training learn how to use notes about your buyer’s needs. You must have a way of knowing you have covered all the benefits they wanted. Then you will know it is time to close the deal.

If you don’t know when to close you will carry on presenting on features and benefits that are not important to your buyer. This leads to loss of attention and missing that important sales closing moment when your prospect is in a buying state.

More Sales Training on
How to Close the Sale

You already know that all investment into improving your sales closing techniques will pay you back many times over.

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