Help for overcoming these objections

by Mike
(New York)

Here are some objections that may come up (if we have anything to do with it..) in the warm up/survey steps in closing contracts today (home Improvements):

1. Fear of loss of job.

2. My home is losing money and it doesn't make sense to invest in it.

3. My 401K and investments are all losing money.

4. I want to wait till the economy gets better.

What do you suggest we reply back with to get to a closing situation?

Comment from Stephen Craine

Mike, thanks for asking the questions on sales objections. These are really relevant questions that many people in direct sales and home related markets will face in the current financial climate.

In times like this sales people have to look at improving and adding to the sales skills they have. A good way to start is with the viewpoint we take when faced with sales objections.

It's no longer effective to have a set of stock answers and rebuttals. Buyers are used to them and are becoming immune.

Take a look at How to use NLP techniques to overcome sales objections. This will give you new viewpoints on where the objections are and how they are formed.

How would you overcome these sales objections?

Do you come up against these objections?

Are you in the Home Impovements market place?

How would you pre-empt or overcome these sales objections.

Would you like answers to the sales objections that stop you from selling?

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