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Very relevant sales objections for all of us in sales
by: Anonymous

Colleen Staffs. UK

Mike, I get very similar sales objections when selling home improvements in the UK.

We have put together a package of special offers to overcome these sales objections that we use to make sales appointments and to close the deal.

Sales objection related special offers

The girls that make my sales appointments use special offers that are directly linked to some of your sales objections. They cold call and take incoming enquiries, and use a number of marketing offers that I then follow up with when I meet the clients.

One special offer is to give reduced prices (most of our sales are discounted below the first price we give anyway so it's not costing any money) due to the current downturn in the housing market. They use the fact that our craftsmen are short of work due to no new houses being built, so we can offer these special prices. But only until the housing market picks up. This also works with building and refurbishment materials.

The aim is to add a sense of urgency, a deal that is related to the very thing that is putting the sales objection in the buyer's mind. I keep this theme going when I meet the client. Handling sales objections by attacking them has been very effective for us. We've managed to keep business at the same level and give the same discounts we would expect to give in a good marketplace.

The one sales objection I do find difficult to overcome is the fear of losing their job. usually there is no reason to believe they will lose their job, but they still fear it and don't want to spend money. I would love to hear how other people overcome the sales objection.

Comment from Stephen Craine

Colleen, thanks for sharing your ideas on how to overcome sales objections related to the economy.

There are some great ways to handle the objections and I can see how other sales people can adapt them for other sales markets. I too would like to hear how others overcome the objections related to fear of losing their job. This could be a sales objection that is with us for some time to come.

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