Handling Objections by Presenting Great Answers

Handling objections shows you how to present great answers to sales objections, turn more objections into sales, and enjoy making more money.

  • See new ideas on how to answer objections to get the best results
  • Get maximum effect from the features and benefits you present
  • Gain agreement that makes it easy to close the sale

The professional sales skills you'll pick up here are part of the objection handling process used by the sales teams I manage and train.

All the sales training has been developed and tested in real sales situations not just in the classroom.

So you can see how answering objections fits into the complete sales objection handling process here's a brief outline of the process we use.

The Objection Process I use with my sales teams

It is really important that you define the objection before you try and answer it. Too many inexperienced sales people rush straight in and give a great answer before they know what the real issue is, or if that’s the only objection.

To see more detail on the objection handling process, or to start at the beginning, open the Sales Objection process page.

Presenting the answer to
sales objections

How do you know if you’ve defined
the objection well

You’ll know when you have done a great job of defining an objection because you will have a list of the buyer’s specific needs, wants, and desires, that if met will overcome the objection.

If you are left with vague and undefined needs, you must go back and ask more questions and get a definitive definition of the objection, and turn it into positive needs.

For example:
It is very difficult to overcome a vague objection such as:

I want a longer lasting product.

What does that mean? How long is long lasting? Your view may be totally different to the one in the mind of the buyer.

You have to step inside their map of the situation and define what they mean, and what they want. Then turn it into a need that is realistic and clearly defined.

...And that’s before you start to answer the objection..

List the buyer’s wants, needs, and desires

Why do some sales people think it’s wrong to make notes when they are asking the buyer questions?

Taking notes shows you’re taking a real interest in what the buyer is saying. They are important enough for you to write down what they want.

Even in retail and showroom sales you can take notes.

If you sell a product or service that has many features, is complicated, or the buyer needs to give a lot of detail about what they want, take some notes.

...How good will that look to the buyer?

Consider the idea of listing the buyer’s needs, wants, and desires when handling objections in your sales role.

If you tend to get single objections that highlight only one or two needs, then you can remember the list.

If you get several objections, complicated requirements, or sell in a sales role that would benefit from a professional image, then make some notes.

Now take notes on the buyer's objections as you define their needs and list their positive wants. When you have a list that you can work with move on to presenting your answers to sales objections.

Present a great answer

A great answer when handling objections should have:

An answer that is specific to the buyer’s objection

Not just a general presentation covering the features of the product. Make it specific and target the needs of the customer.

Benefits to the buyer that answer the needs, wants, and desires you defined earlier

Not just features. Features tell the buyer what the product does, how it works, and gives a description of it.

The benefits tell the buyer what the features will do for them. What they gain from buying the product.

When handling objections you must always focus on the benefits that match the positive needs you have listed. The features are only there as a vehicle to show how the buyer gains benefits.

...Make sure you fully understand, and can use, features and benefits to their full effect..

To gain the benefit of free sales training on features and benefits and how to use them, open Sales Presentation Tips then return to Presenting Answers when Handling Objections.

Target your answer at the sales objection
Pack it full of benefits

Now present a great answer starting with the feature of your product or service that gives the buyer a benefit that will handle the objection.

Then present the benefits of the feature and show the buyer how this answers their objection. Target the precise positive needs that you worked to define earlier. Be precise and make it personal to the customer.

You have now given them what they agreed would handle this objection. Move on quickly to the next step.

Gain their agreement that you have answered the objections

You’ve presented a great answer to the objection

You’ve shown the buyer the features and how they will benefit from buying.

Now it’s time to gain the buyer’s agreement to the answers you’ve presented.

Use a simple direct question.

You’ve done all the hard work when you defined the sales objection. This stage of handling objections only requires a gentle question that gets confirmation that you’ve answered the sales objection.

Use a closed question that requires a yes or no response. Use words of a similar strength to the ones the buyer used when they raised the objection.

If they had a concern, then ask if you have answered their concern.
When handling objections that were in the form of questions, ask if you answered their question.

The strongest of objections are usually phrased as a negative. Earlier in the objection process you have turned any negatives into positive needs. Now you reap the benefits of that action.


A strong negative such as:

I wouldn’t buy that item because...

Will have been turned into positive phrases about what the buyer does want. For example:

So you need an item that...

So when asking for agreement that you have answered the objection you could ask:

Can you see how the item does...

As always, choose your own words and how you say them. You want to sound natural and continue the conversation

Now close the sale

The next step is to ask a simple direct question to close the sale.

Earlier in the handling objections process you gained agreement that they had given you all the objections.

You also confirmed that the sales obejctions they gave you were all that was stopping them from buying.

You have now gained the buyer's agreement that you have answered their sales objection.

So it is a natural step to use a nice direct question to close the sale.

The question you use will be appropriate for the environment, market place, and level of the customer you are talking to.

To improve your sales skill when handling objections practice presenting answers to your common sales objections.

Make the agreement gaining questions become a naturally follow on from the objection answers.

To perfect how you handle sales objections you can use the same sales training course that I use with my working sales teams.

I've made it available as a complete sales objection workbook course that you can download and have working for you today. Read on for more details...

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