Great Sales Technique

A great sales technique that you can adapt for your sales role while creating a desire for your products and a ready-made list of prospects that have already said yes.

The latest sales campaign being used by a national Cable TV and Broadband provider could give you a way of boosting your sales results.

scale of customer response

By using this you could:

Build desire for your products or services.

Create a ready to buy prospect list.

Get prospects competing for your attention.

and, use the selling technique of increasing vaue by creating scarcity.

Read more and see if you have the right attitude to adapt this idea and get a great customer response...

The Great Sales Technique

My local cable TV and Broadband company has launched an advertising campaign announcing that it will be cabling more homes to give more people access to cable TV and real broadband Internet.

The catch is, according to the adverts, the cable company can only lay new cable in a limited area.

So they are going to use the response from the adverts to decide on which area gets cable TV and broadband services.    

The great sales technique in this campaign is telling customers that they will lay the cables in the areas that get the most responses saying that they want the services.

The more people say, 'Yes,' the more chance your area has of getting the service.

Now, I think the cable company may well have already decided on which areas they are going to introduce cable services into as there is a lot of planning that goes into such a large project. 

But look at the benefits this great sales technique could produce:

Creating Desire

The marketing campaign will create a desire in the people in the areas that could get the cable service.

If the desire is strong enough they may influence friends and neighbours to respond to the campaign and this is a brilliant word of mouth marketing technique.

A Sense of Competition

The campaign could also create a sense of competition as people in one area want to make sure they get more responses than other areas and 'win' the access to this limited resource. 

The customers will actually feel like they have won something rather than bought a service.

The Scarcity Technique

This is great use of the scarcity sales technique where you get prospects wanting to buy because the product is scarce. The scarcity adds value to the product from the prospect's perspective.

A Pre-sold Prospect List

And the best benefit of all, the cable company will get a ready-made list of prospects who have all said, 'Yes, I want your service.'

A sales person's dream prospect list. 

There is no official commitment from the prospects at the stage of responding to the marketing campaign.

But they have said to both the cable company and themselves that they want the service. 

Once a prospect has said, 'Yes,' even in a none comital situation such as this, they are much more likely to agree to a sale later.

They will act consistently with what they have previously said even if they don't remember saying it. 

It's as if they have sold it to themselves on the emotional level and it stays there, sold. 

Then all the sales person has to do is help them to justify the purchase on the logical level and the sale is closed and the commission is in the bag.

How Could You Use This
Great Sales Technique

You're probably thinking, well that's great for the cable company and its sales teams, but I don't work in their field how can I use this sales technique?

Throughout my career I've taken great sales techniques and adapted them for new markets and different sales situations.

Many years ago I worked for the cable company mentioned above. 20 Years later I adapted the very same technique as head of sales for a waste and recycling company.

Two very different businesses but, with an open mind and the right attitude, the same sales technique can be just as successful.

Here's a few ideas to get you thinking about how you could adapt this technique for your sales role...

Sales in the Service Sector

If you deliver a service by geographical area you can use the same technique. 

Contact customers and give the same message, if the demand is there they can have your service. This could work just as well for B2B sales as for B2C.

My teams in the waste and recycling industry would visit prospects and tell them they were looking at the potential for putting a new truck on the road, or filling up an existing round, or adding a new service.

They would use one of the above reasons to justify why they could offer a great benefit related to value, price, service levels, in that area if there was enough people that wanted the service. 

If not they would give the benefit to customers elsewhere.

No mention of selling, no hard sell or pushy closes, just a meeting to test the desire to receive a benefit. 

This relaxed approach worked and sales were closed when using it.

It creates a desire for all the same reasons as the great sales technique above. 

Retail Sales 

If you work in retail sales, and you want to create a pre-sale desire for a product, tell customers they can't have the product, or there is a waiting list, or you need 100 customers to register their interest before you can place an order. 

Get them to leave their contact details and as soon as the product is in the store you will contact them, perhaps they want to make sure they get it first by paying for it now and you'll deliver it.

Car Sales

Many car dealerships use this great sales technique to create a desire in their prospects to take a test drive of a new car.

They do it by competitions in shopping malls and exhibition halls, telemarketing calls asking prospects, 'If I could get you one of the first test drives in this new model would you want one?'

They create a desire and get a ready-made hot prospect list for when the new model comes out. 

Direct Sales

The survey approach works well especially in home appliances, home improvements, and financial products.

If you can create enough desire maybe you can think big and invite a large number of pre-called prospects to an open event on the benefits they could get from your product.

Limited places, need to book now, show them what they could miss out on, all the same techniques used by the cable company.

IT and Technology Sales

'If enough people in your area want to see our new whizzy bit of kit we'll go to all the expense and trouble of setting it up and showing it to you.'

'We have only so much time so places will be limited. You can have a go, see how it fits your future plans, or just send us your details if you want to see a demonstration.'

You can add other benefits such as happy customers to give their recommendations, special deals, be the first to see this new feature. 

Selling Marketing Services

I've seen marketing companies contact an industry sector with a campaign that says;

'To ensure there's no conflict of interest we can only have one client in your business sector and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to see if that should be you.' 

Played tactfully, and re-worded, you can get many businesses competing with their competitors to be your client, and that's exactly the attitude you should start this campaign with. 

It's not a sales campaign it's a chance for potential clients to see the benefits and decide if they want them now or should they let the opportunity pass and be taken up by their competitors. 

Put this Great Sales Technique
into Action

Look at how you can put this great sales technique into action by adapting it for your sales role.

Start with the desire building.

How can you create a desire for your products or services by making something about them scarce?

Can you create word of mouth advertising by offering a benefit if prospects or customers encourage others to want your product?

Could you create competition between areas that could benefit and get prospects feeling there is something to win?

And best of all, how will you get a ready-made list of prospects that have all said yes?

This great sales technique works for both large and small scale campaigns. It can be a company-wide national marketing campaign, or a small area sales approach run by an area sales person. 

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