General Manager

by Verna
(St. John's, Antigua)

I smiled as I read this issue regarding "going too fast and scaring customers away" because I think that I was guilty of doing just that with a customer earlier today.

Fortunately for me I realized the instant that I did it and was able to repair the damage.

I was becoming a bit frustrated that the customer was at the point to close but not closing and reading your article.

It was obviously written for me. It made me realize all the wrong things that I did.

This article was spot on just a day too late but for certain I will be better prepared next time.

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It was written for me
by: Stephen

Hi Verna,

I've done exactly the same thing so many times.

In my mind all the reasons the prospect should buy are there, so why wouldn't they buy. I then rush forward to the close, but they don't come with me.

The great thing is you have given yourself feedback on your sales actions and through this you will continue to improve your results.

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