Free Sales Techniques

From a Working Sales Manager

Free sales techniques that will show you how to use a sales process, sell using your own words, and build a stunning Sales Introduction to give your sale a great start.

Free sales training in an eBook specifically for:

  • Anyone selling a product or service
  • Self employed people that sell for themselves
  • Small business owners

This sales process has been successful for B2B sales, Retail, Direct sales, and Field sales.

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What you can gain for free

Free sales techniques that explain and show you how to use a sales process rather than the traditional forms of sales training.

An accelerated learning process that includes exercises, so you can quickly put the training into action today.

No more rehearsed scripts or sales pitches, just plain talking with your customers.

Talk to customers in your own words because you have chosen the information to include at each stage of the sales process.

There’s no sign up or registration, and we don’t even want your email address.

We would appreciate your feedback on the free eBook, and how it worked for you. Please make your comments, or ask any questions at Feedback on free sales training

Now just click Free Sales Techniques and open the eBook to start using sales training that has been developed, and proven to be successful, by working sales people just like you.

Free Sales techniques in a workbook

Learn how to start your call with a stunning sales introduction

See the sales process to follow for the rest of the sale

Read sales training information you may never have heard before

Avoid common mistakes that could be losing you sales

Add a whole new set of free sales techniques to your sales skills

Do you work for yourself

If you have your own business, or selling is not your main role, this sales training will show you how to sell professionally and effectively. One of the main benefits is the confidence it will give you when in front of potential customers.

For many people attending sales courses are not the best way to improve sales. They can be expensive, don’t allow you to learn at your own speed, and the training can’t be used many times over.

That’s why I developed my sales training courses in workbooks. They allow you to focus on the parts that are important to you. You can use the training as many times as you like, and progress at your own speed.

How to be more successful

You could build a fantastic sales introduction today, which will present you and your business to the buyer in a really effective way.

Start your sale with confidence and clearly communicate your introduction.

Learn sales training that will make the sales process work for you and increase sales.

Make more money by converting more prospects to buying customers.

You can open the eBook, use it, save it, try it out and see if it works for you like it has for many others.

Take a look at the Free Sales Training workbook and see what you can use.

Please help us and visitors to the website

When you have used the free eBook, and seen the results for yourself, would you give me your feedback.

The training was developed by getting feedback from sales professionals, like you.

With your help we can develop the training on this website to be even more effective and more salespeople will benefit.

Please pass the eBook to friends and colleagues and ask them for their feedback and share it on the website.

To leave your feedback click Feedback on free sales training and simply type in the box.

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All 4 Sales Training Courses in One Package

sales training courses

All 4 sales training courses in one complete package and with a special 30% discount on the usual price.

In this sales training course package you get:

Making Sales Appointments by Telephone

Selling Success using a sales process

Overcoming Sales Objections

How to Close a Sale

See more information and how you can start using all 4 courses today by opening 4 Sales Training Courses...

Or see details of the 4 individual courses below...

Sales Appointment Training Course

Learn how to build your own sales appointment call

Step by step instructions means you can put this training it into action today

Complete exercise program to build your appointment call in your own words

Enjoy making cold calls with confidence and professionalism

Fill your diary with selling opportunities

See the professional sales appointment workbook training course that I use with my sales teams.

For more information before you buy click the image above or open Appointment Cold Calling...

How to Overcome Sales Objections

How to overcome sales objections gives you an easy to use 4 step process for handling all sales objections.

You'll learn how to close more sales, and earn more money or grow your business.

Because the techniques are practical, and developed while working with real sales professionals, you can have this sales objection workbook working for you today.

For more information before you buy click the image above or open Appointment Cold Calling...

Selling Success Sales Training Course

Create an effective sales pitch for any product or service that you sell.

Follow a step by step guide and you'll have a great sales pitch in your own words.

Close more sales because you know how to use the stages of the sales process.

Make use of all the skills and techniques you currently have.

This is the sales training course that I use with my successfull sales teams.

For more information before you buy click the image above or open Sales Training Course...

How to Close More Sales

See proven sales techniques on how to close sales as a natural part of your sales process.

Close more sales with confidence using closing skills that have been developed by working professionals.

See ideas on how to close for your particular products and customer types.

Plus: Avoid common closing mistakes.

Tag the close on to your sales presentation.

Know when to use one line closes or longer questions.

With this effective course on closing sales you get 40 pages of straight to the point training.

For more information before you buy click the image above or open How to Close a Sale...