Free Online Sales Training to Help You Close More Sales

Free online sales training that will show you how sales professionals use Motivators & Connectors to close more sales.

This free sales training eBook will show you how to:

Make your prospects listen to your sales pitch from the first few seconds.

Motivate them to move with you through the sale stages and towards the close.

And, it works for all types of sales: B2B, Direct sales, Field sales, Retail and showroom selling, and even Telesales and Appointment setting calls.

Sell with confidence

Sell with confidence and close more sales as you always know where you are and how to get to the next stage of your sale.

You probably already have a sales process. Either consciously or without thinking, your sales pitch will follow a similar path with each sales prospect.

This free sales training looks at how to motivate the buyer to move with you along the path your sales pitch follows.

The training technique focuses on the connections between the sales stages, and how to motivate your prospects to move forward, with you, from one stage to the next.

This is an area that isn't covered by a lot of sales trainers but in my opinion should be.

It's at these connecting points in the sale that customers raise objections and start to hesitate about moving forward with you towards the close.

In an easy, to the point format, this eBook gives you examples of how to connect each sales stage. The free sales techniques show you how to make the steps of your sale flow smoothly, so you keep the buyer’s attention.

How to get your free training eBook

To get your free online sales training on Motivators & Connectors try out the free Newsletter Magazine for this website.

We call it the Sales Buzz because it looks at sales and selling from the viewpoint of real sales people, the ones that get the Buzz when they make a sale or hit targets.

When you enter your email address to request the free newsletter you will be able to open the free workbook course Motivators & Connectors.

And we also give you a really effective sales and motivation workbook course called Need-to-Close-Chains.

That's 2 unique sales training and motivation courses that you can use as a personal development program or to present to your sales teams.

Simply enter your email address and you will be able to get your 2 great sales training and motivation tools today:

Connectors & Motivators
Need to Close Chains

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What makes this free sales training work
so effectively

The answers is simple. Traditional sales training focuses on what you do at each stage of the sale.

It looks at Sales introductions, asking questions, sales presentation, and so on.

Those sales skills are important and I always recommend you have a good sales process that you build yourself in your own words.

What makes this free online sales training work so effectively is:

It focuses on the parts of your sales pitch that connect all your sales stages together. These are the parts that traditional sales training doesn't show you.

Think about it, where do you lose a sales prospect?

Mostly it is as you try and move to the next part of your sales pitch. As you try and move from the sales introduction to the sales questions, or after asking your questions in your sales presentation.

As a working sales manager I see sales getting stopped as the seller finishes their presentation and tries to move to closing the sale. The jump is too much and it stops the buyer from moving with you.

The free sales techniques in this eBook will show what to say to motivate and move your buyer along with you. It makes your sales pitch flow from one stage to the next, motivating & connecting each part of the sale.

Free tips to close more sales

When you come to the close it is especially important to keep the buyer’s attention and interest.

No sudden jumps from being a nice friendly presenter to a sharp sales person.

How do you move from you sales presentation to closing the sale now? Is it an easy transition? How much does your confidence drop at this point, and does your voice change as you think about closing.

How about on sales appointment calls. What do you say after you have given the listener information about why they should meet with you as you try to gain their agreement to the appointment. Are you really using the best possible lines at this crucial part of your call.

In this free online sales training course you will see how to use trial closes and great questions, to make closing the sale, or a sales appointment, a lot easier.

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Sales managers and small business owners have used them as the framework for new and unique sales presentations and courses with their sales teams.

Enter your email address in the box below and you can start using Motivators and Connectors and Need-to-Close-Chains, today!

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