Free Job Interview Tips and Preparation Checklist

Free job interview tips and checklist to make sure you are fully prepared to be successful in your next interview.

In my job role I have interviewed job applicants and run assessment centers for major companies. The job interview checklist below is a great guide to what you will need to be fully prepared.

If there are points on this list that you are struggling with, or don’t know how to prepare, invest in help and advice.

Remember, this job interview could lead to a life changing opportunity. It's worth spending on.

All the points on the job interview checklist are important and if you don’t cover them in the interview another candidate will.

Scan down the checklist and see what you have covered and what you want help and training with...

Job Interview Checklist

Basic information

  • Gathered all the available information about the job
  • Matched your skills and experience to the role requirements
  • Know what the role requires that you don’t match
  • Assessed how well you match the job requirements

These free job interview tips are basic job interview preparation. You can find this information from job adverts, role descriptions, or the employer.

The information about you is a good starting point for listing your skills, experience, and all attributes that you can offer to an employer.

Prepare for questions about how you match the role requirements

You are going to be asked interview questions about how you match the job role. These free job interview tips will help you have a great prepared answer to those questions.

Predict the questions you will be asked about how you match the role

Prepare your best answers to show what you have that matches what the employer is looking for

Have you got at least one strong answer for each of the questions you have predicted

Do you know which of your answers is the strongest for each question, and which will have the most impact?

If you are unsure of how best to answer job interview questions, see the course at the end of the checklist.

Prepare for questions about you

Predict the interview questions that could be asked about you.

Examples of these questions:

  • What motivates you
  • Why do you want the job
  • Where do you see yourself in 2 years time

There are many more questions an employer could ask so you should have a full list and know how to prepare great answers.

Good free job interview tips for answering these questions are:

List all the questions you can think of that could be asked about you. Then match each question with an answer that says something positive about you that you want the interviewer to hear.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these free job interview tips on questions and answers are not important. They give the interviewer a lot of information about you, and they show how much thought you have put into your interview preparation.

Presenting your work history

If your work history includes leaving a job, have you prepared a great explanation that explains why you left?

If there are negatives about why you have left, or want to leave an employer, do you know how to phrase it in a positive way?

Free job interview tips: List all the positive examples and evidence of your success in your work history

Few people have a perfect work history that matches exactly what the new position requires.

With some thought you can present what you can offer an employer in the best possible way and give yourself the best chance of success.

Have you matched your work history, experience, qualifications, and attributes to the information you have about the requirements of the role.

Do you have a consistent format for presenting your job history so the interviewer will be able to understand and remember the information.

Is your work history organised in a way that is easy to remember so you can present it effectively.

No answer or experience

Are there questions you are likely to be asked that you have no positive answer for, or no experience or training in this area.

Have you got answers prepared for these questions?

Free job interview tips: You cannot ignore them. And you don’t want to just sit there and say, No, I can’t do that.

There is a way to answer questions even if you don’t have experience or evidence of the skills they are asking about. Knowing how to do this means you can still give a good answer to all the interview questions. See the job interview course at the end of the checklist.

Your personal and liesure time

  • Prepared possible questions you could be asked about you and your life outside of work
  • Built a list of information about your personal or leisure time that you want to get into the interview
  • Prepared answers to possible questions and included the best information about you

Take these free job interview tips and use them to prepare for the personal questions about you outside of work:

There will be information about your life outside of work that can add to the way the interviewer perceives you. This could be directly related to the job, or it could show more about the sort of person you are.

This can be a difficult part of an interview. You may be stuck on what you should include and what should be left out. The job interview training course at the bottom of this page can help your preparation in this section of an interview.

Questions to ask the interviewer

These are really important free job interview tips: Prepare questions to ask the interviewer.

It really annoys me when a job applicant has no questions at the end of a job interview. Are they not interested, or have I really covered all possible questions they had.

How would they feel if I had not prepared any questions to ask them? An interview is a two way process, so make sure you have some questions to ask.

This could be the final part of the interview and the last thing the interviewer remembers about you before making a decision. Spend time preparing questions that leave them with a positive image of you. Always have questions ready to ask the interviewer.

The job interview training course below will give you help and advice on asking questions that make you look interested and well prepared.

What if you're not sure about what to say,
or how to answer

The above checklist covers the essential elements of an interview. To be successful, and beat other candidates, you must be able to present evidence of your skills and experience.

You have to find out what the requirements of the job are, and then show how you match them.

To win over the interviewer you will need to predict the interview questions and be able to answer them with prepared confidence.

Then you have to decide which information personal information you will include that wil add positive impact to your bid to get the job you want.

If you're not sure where to start, what to say, or how to prepare, you need the interview preparation course below.

A quick and easy way to prepare for your job interviews

The job interview preparation course that will show you how to answer interview questions, and present what you can offer an employer in the most effective way.

When you go into that important interview you will:

  • Know which questions to expect
  • Have great answers prepared
  • Match your evidence to the role
  • Know how to present your information
  • Always know what to say and how to say it

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