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Effective telemarketing lead generation techniques to plan your telesales and appointment setting success and manage your telephone calling professionally.

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Calculate how many telephone leads you will need.

How to get sales leads for outbound calling.

Generating incoming enquiries and your return on investment. 

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Manage Your Telemarketing Sales Leads Professionally

How many sales leads you will need next month?

Many large organisations have a person, or a team of people, to calculate how many sales leads their telemarketing teams will need.

But small businesses, medium size enterprises, and self-employed people, using telemarketing to make sales or appointments don't have this luxury.

Many small and home based businesses try to do effective telemarketing using what sales leads they have without any forward planning. And they're not alone.

I've worked with many field sales people that do exactly the same thing. They use what leads come their way. No planning, no forecasting, and no forward thinking. That's a shame because with a little thought and some planning they, like you, could get some really great results for yourself or your business.

Let me show you some ideas I've used to help field sales teams and small businesses to use telemarketing effectively...

How to Calculate How Many
Sales Leads You Need 

You need to have a target for the telesales you make, or the number of sales you close as a result of the sales appointments that you make.

Using that target and the number of leads you convert into sales or appointments you can calculate how many leads you will need for any period of time. My advice is to have a definite number of leads you will need for each month of the year.

For some people or businesses working out these figures is simple. 

Here's an example: 

You're making telesales calls and you need to make 5 sales a month to achieve your target.

On average you convert 1 in every 5 leads that you phone into a sale.

That means you will need 25 leads per month to achieve your target of 5 sales.

When you make sales appointments by telephone, have a mixture of incoming and cold call leads, or a target other than number of sales, it is a little more complicated so here are two pages that can really help you:

To learn more about setting sales revenue targets relating to telemarketing open Telemarketing Sales Targets...

For training on understanding targets for telemarketing activity, including how many leads you will need, go to Telemarketing Activity Targets...

Effective Telemarketing Lead Acquisition 

Where will your sales leads come from?

Once you have calculated how many sales leads you will need each month how will you acquire them? 

Purchasing Telemarketing Leads

Leads for outbound telemarketing calls can be purchased from many different marketing companies. They can be targeted precisely at the prospect types that you want to contact.

Yes there is a cost to purchase sales leads.

But with any marketing expense the objective is that you make a larger return on your investment.

Many sales lead suppliers will let you have a sample of the leads so you can test the results before you buy.

Collecting Your Own Sales Leads

Many Field Sales People collect their own sales leads as they are out visiting prospects. This can work on business to business selling but it will eat into the salesperson's selling time. 

Collecting potential leads for cold calling from directories is also used, often by quite large companies. But while this is very cheap to do compared to effective telemarketing using a purchased targeted marketing list it's not efficient. You may also be breaking local legislation on cold calling. 

Generating Incoming Enquiries

Incoming enquiries by prospects that have seen your website or responded to your advertising campaign convert at a much higher rate than unsolicited cold call. 

Again, you should view the cost a business website or an advertising campaign as an investment from which you expect a much greater return than your outlay.

Manage Your Own Website

If you're a small to medium size business and you want a website that you can manage yourself, with minimum costs and maximum tools to help you to become successful, take a look at the company I use to host the website your currently viewing. open Site Build It...

Show Your Knowledge

If you have experience, knowledge, or a skill, you can show them off to acquire new business leads.

Social Media

Show what you know on social media, especially if you're selling direct to the public, and get responses from people that want what you can do.

Facebook and other social media work great for some products and services. Open a Facebook page, use plenty of images, and show off your skills. 


LinkedIn is great for business to business sales and building a network of contacts.

You will have to be active on the site to get results. This means joining groups and publishing posts, but you can gain real benefit and it's also a great way to make first contact with buyers.

Write Articles

There are many ways to publish your articles and get them seen online for free. 

By publishing online you gain credibility. People see your knowledge and experience and if they think it will be of benefit to them they will contact you. 

Your articles should not be a sales pitch. They should be helpfull and interesting to the people that read them. They should answer problems and provide solutions, and have your preferred contact details at the end. 

If article writing sounds like a path you would like to take I can recommend Ezine Articles.com. Here's my pages on their site as an example Ezine Articles.com...

Effective Telemarketing Online Lead Generation

The key to effective telemarketing online lead generation, other than paid adverts, is to give in order to receive. Give help, solve problems, show what you can do for prospects, and how they can contact you. 

Even if you are a employed sales person, there's nothing to stop you generating leads on social media. Check with your employer first, and maybe they will provide you with images and text. Bring it up at your next meeting with your boss.

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