Convince prospect that this is not a scam

by Mike Kelly
(Philadelphia, PA 19146)

I offer a diagnostic service to physician's practice. Performing neurological testing at their office for their patients. There is no cost to the physician and we rent the office space from them for $100.00/hour. This is a standard practice for remote testing services.

The problem is that most physicians believe that this is an illegal kick-back and hang up without allowing for any discussion.

I need an approach that will bring in business to my new venture.

My background is in the testing and not in sales of the service.

Comment by Stephen Craine

Mike, Thank you for your question.

From the information you have given I would say proof and evidence are what's required.

Is there any documents, approvals, or certificates that you can use to substantiate your service.

Feedback and letters of referral from physicians that have beenhapy with your service will also have a positive effect.

Your marketing material will be very important in this field. he more professional it looks the more impact it will have.

This should also back up the ethics and honesty of the service you offer.

You might want to look at your approach to potential customers and build in steps that give the evidence to the physician before you ask for a decision.

eg. Contact prospect but do not ask for a decision. Then send, email, or provide the above evidence. Only then ask for their agreement.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes

Stephen Craine

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