Close Phase of a Sale

Can you tell me what do you listen for in a close phase of a sale?

Comment from Stephen Craine:

That's a question that we could write a book to answer.

Here's a list of what I look and listen for at the closing stage of a sale:

1. The amount of agreement I get from the prospect while presenting the sales offer.

2. The level of commitment as the prospect answers the trial close and the actual closing question. How strong was their answer, did they hesitate, and what words did they use.

3. Negative non-verbal indicators of any potential resistance to agreeing to the sale. Before I close I watch for facial expressions, body language, and especially eye movements that may indicate they have hidden concerns.

4. Are they interacting during the sale. Are they being passive while you are selling to them or is there a conversation between you.

5. Ask before you ask! At the end of the presentation stage of the sale I ask a question that is a trial close to check that I’ve got it right and that I’ve answered the needs of the buyer before I ask for the order.

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