Car Selling Techniques

How to question the buyer’s desires

Car selling techniques that will show you how to question a buyers desires, needs, and wants.

Car sales people, and small businesses, can get stacks of sales training here, and more importantly, look at new viewpoints.

Using NLP sales techniques you’ll see how re-framing your viewpoint can boost your car sales and give you great rewards.

Get the most you can from your career in car sales and never feel the pressure of poor performance.

Read on and boost your income by looking at car sales training on questioning techniques from a new perspective.

The complete car sale process
looks like this

A complete car sales guide to how to sell cars using professional car sales techniques.

The car sales process main page

Appointment setting and prospecting for car sales

The introduction and meeting the prospect

Questioning the car buyer’s needs This page

Presenting the best car for your customer

Car Sales Techniques to Overcome Objections.

Selling a car on the test drive

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Selling cars and closing the deal

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The next step in the car sales process

The next step in the sales process after you have Questioned the buyer's needs, wants, and desires, is to present your sales proposal,

If you want to sneak a look at Presenting the best car for your customer, click the link.

It will open the next stage of your sale in a new window then you can come back here and continue with questioning your buyer.

Proven car selling techniques to question the buyer

Think in terms of information you want from the questions, not a list of questions

Many car sales people write or memorise a list of questions for the buyer.

A car sales tip, write a list of information you want, not the questions.

Your questioning will be more focused and free flowing. This car selling technique, and others further on, will help you have a conversation with the customer. Not interrogate them.

You can see how all these sales techniques fit together by clicking Free Sales techniques.

What information should you get

There are two types of information you want from the customer

What you need to know


What you want to know

There is some information that will be in grey areas. Mid-way between the two. Don’t get bound up in definitions. This is only a way to communicate the car selling techniques.

Need to know

This is the information that is crucial to you.

You need this to know where to start when you present your sales proposal to the buyer. I’m not going to list it all here. It will be specific to your car sales role.

It will vary depending upon the type of cars you sell, and the car sales operation where you work.

Write a list of the information you need. Give this some thought. It’s important to your success.

Doing this exercise will give your questions direction and focus.

Later you’ll see car sales training that considers how much attention time you get from the customer and how to make best use of it.

Knowing your list of vital sales information is part of these car selling techniques.

Want to know

This is the car sales information that helps you if you know it.

The need to know information directs you to the right car. The want to know information helps you present to the buyer how this car gives them more of what they want.


In your particular sales role the buyer’s budget may be need to know information at this stage of the sales process.

How they are going to pay could be want to know information. It will become more important later. But for directing you to the right car to present to the customer, it isn’t need to know information now.

Write another list of want to know information. Spend some time on it. Your future success, your earnings, and your lifestyle are worth investing in.

How you will get all that information

You have a list of the information you need and want

To get the best information from the buyer, use these car selling techniques as you question their needs, wants, and desires.

To allow you to question the customer, they must know you, and they, are in a selling process.

If you start asking questions without stating why, you could frighten them off.

If you haven’t already looked at it, click on the Car Sales Introduction page and see how to gain agreement to the selling process.

If the customer has indicated they do not want to be in a buying process. They are just looking, gathering information, then you have to question appropriately.

And you still want to spend your sales time with them, you’ll have to start at a conversation level and build gently into a sales process. That’s why a great introduction is so important.

Get them talking and direct the conversation

People love talking about themselves, their family, their work, hobbies, home.

And that’s exactly what you want. To get them talking about themselves not the cars.

The same car can be something very different to each individual.

  • A way of attracting a partner
  • Necessary transport
  • Status symbol
  • Tool for work
  • Family taxi

Customers won’t always think in these terms.

They may be reluctant to admit what they really want a car to do for them.


If a middle age man, like me, came into your showroom to buy a sports car, he may tell you what he wants it to do for him. He may also want the car to do things for him that he doesn’t want to admit. Perhaps even to himself.

A young married woman wants a car that is cheap to run. She may say she wants a green car with low fuel consumption, because it’s good for the environment.

How many 4 X 4 owners really need off road capability?

And when you’re questioning buyers and partners it gets even more complicated.

As a car sales person you become a psychologist and study social science in action.

Use your car selling techniques. Work on your car sales question lists. Start to see the real answers the customer is communicating.

Great questioning skills

Great questioning skills get you great information

What makes you a great sales person is, how you interpret the information the customer gives you.

And how you use your car selling techniques to get honest answers from the customer.

So what’s the best sales questions process to use

Conversation openers

Get the customer talking

Forget all the rubbish you here on sales training courses about starting conversations with questions that start with

Who What Where When How

The customer can still answer with a one word answer. Encourage them to talk. A great car sales technique is to use car sales questions that start:

Tell me - Explain for me - Describe how - Give me an understanding of

Start them talking and keep them going

Open questions

Once they start talking don’t stop them by suddenly changing direction.

Keep on the topic you’ve started and use the Who What Where When How questions to gently move in the direction you want more information from.

Example: What is it you’re looking for?

Think of the car sales techniques on questions as a funnel.

The first question is wide open. These second tier questions are starting to be a little more narrow in focus. You use them to get information that is just a little more specific.

Open leading questions

Giving more specific direction for the answers

Still using the Who What Where When How to start the questions. These car sales techniques are starting to narrow the funnel and get the customer thinking in more detail.

These car sales questions are leading the buyer.
Questions like:

What shade of red?
How many seats?
What size engine?
Who else will be driving?

Alternative closed questions

Leather or fabric interior?
Petrol or diesel?
4 or 5 seats?

Alternative questions that have closed answers

You’re narrowing down the choice to get more specific information that will tell you what to present to the customer

Closed questions

These are Yes or No answer questions

They start with words such as:
Do you
Can you
Would you

You’re at the base of the funnel. You should now have all the information on this particular topic.

You’ve gone from the wide open conversation promoting questions. To the closed sales questions that give you the fine detail.

There’s more sales training from other industries and markets on the Questioning Techniques page.

The car selling techniques of using questioning funnels

Use one funnel at a time

Explore one topic and get all the information on it. Then summarise the information back to the customer.

Then start another funnel on the next topic of information.

keep your questioning organised so you can collect the information to present back your sales proposal.

Practice these car selling techniques and the customer tells you exactly what to present to them. You are guiding them to sell to themselves for you.

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