Beginning my career in sales track.

by A . Mark

Hi , I Have Found a job in Qatar as a Laptop sales person.

I have no experience in selling any product. Can anyone guide me on how to start this career and how to increase my knowledge on sales and the product which I am going to sell!

Comment from Stephen Craine

That's a big question with lots of places to start and ways it could be answered.

Let me start by pointing you in the direction of a helpful sales training tool that I have used successfully with many sales people when putt ing together a sales presentation for a new product.

It's called the Need to Close Chain

It's a way of building a new sales pitch that starts with the possible needs of your potential customers.

Then you match the features of the product to the needs and find the benefits that can fulfill those needs. The final link of the chain is how to close the sale.

When you use this exercise you build mental pathways that link your buyers needs to benefits your product has, and move smoothly into closing the sale.

This is much faster and more effective, than the old fashioned way of learning everything your product does by memorising long lists of features.

You quickly learn product knowledge that will be important to your buyer, how to match it to benefits of your product, and build a professional sales presentation.

You can get the Need to Know Chain sales training tool completely free of charge when you get the free newsletter we call The Sales Buzz.

Click the link or the image to open the page and see what you think.

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