Basic Sales Training
Free Course

Basic sales training that shows new sales people, self employed and small business owners, how to sell with an easy to use training program.

On this page you can gain:

  • A Free Beginners Training Course that you can download, save, share, and use many times over.
  • More confidence because you have a structure to follow.
  • An easy to use sales process that you can build new skills around.

An easy to use free sales course

Basic sales training is an easy to use sales training program for people selling their own service or making small business sales.

It’s a great free training course for people new to selling and those wanting to gain basic knowledge of the stages of a sale.

The basic sales training course is specifically written for people new to sales, moving into a selling role, or starting their own small business and selling their own products or services.

To get the course open Free Basic Sales Training eBook...

Thers's no need to register or submit your email address, just click the link or the image and you can read it, save it, and pass it on.

Help us to help others

When you have used the free eBook, and seen the results for yourself, would you help us to help others by giving a few lines of feedback.

The training was developed by getting feedback from sales professionals, like you.

With your help we can develop the training on this website to be even more effective so we can all benefit more from the training, tips, and ideas.

To leave your feedback click Feedback on free sales training and simply type in the box.

Sales training that's fast and effective

If you haven’t had access to any successful formal sales training courses, then learning sales skills can appear to be a daunting task.

A lot of sales people, and sales trainers, make selling sound a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Effective sales techniques should be easy to learn and quick to put into action.

No acronyms or fancy names for basic sales techniques.

No complicated techniques that don't work in real sales situations.

I manage sales teams for a living and I often employ people with industry knowledge but no sales experience.

Here you will discover the no nonsense approach I take to building their sales techniques and quickly getting them to be able to sell with confidence.

Take this free sales training and try it out by clicking the image above.

Professional Sales Training
Workbook Course

The next step after the Basic Sales Training Course.

After you have completed the free eBook on the basic course you will want a professional course that will give you all the skills of an experienced professional seller.

So here is the course I use to train my sales teams to become target achieving professionals...

Selling Success - The professional sales course

The course shows you how to put together each stage of a sale.

I’m a working sales manager for a major company.

To train my teams I have written and developed sales training course that quickly gives them the necessary skills to be successful.

I've found that the best way for sellers to learn these valuable sales skills is by using a step by step exercise program. As you complete each of the exercises you build your own skill sets and create all the stages of your sale.

This makes the sales pitch specific to you and the products and services that you sell.

Here's what the Selling Success course will do for you...

  • Build a sales process for any product or service
  • Follow the exercise program and you’ll know what to say at all times because you know your sales process
  • Always know your next objective and how to move towards closing the sale
  • You can increase your sales as many others have using these sales techniques
  • It will give you confidence when in front of customers

This sales training course is used successfully by sales people, self employed and small business owners, in many industries and markets. These are people that rely on their results to make a living and grow their small business sales.

See if you could use this same course and get the same results by clicking on the image above or by opening Sales Training Course.

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