Automotive sales training to earn you commission

Presenting the best car for your customer in the best possible way

Automotive sales training shows you how to give an attention grabbing car sales presentation, that grabs the customer’s attention and works towards closing the sale.

Get a new viewpoint on presenting the benefits of the car to the customer on the car sales walk round.

Understand the main message

Only present the benefits specific to the customer's needs, wants and desires. Don't bore them with features they don't want or care about.

Which sounds best?
A red car that is cheap, and does 45 miles to the gallon around the city.


Great looking city transport, that is comfortably within your budget, and in the great shade of red you wanted.

And because it does 45 miles to the gallon it will save you money on petrol each time you enjoy driving it.

One tells you the features The other sells the benefits of those features. More on how to sell cars with a fantastic personalised presentation, further down the page.

What this sales training
will do for you

Automotive sales training shows you how professional sales people present the sales proposal to the customer.

Work towards closing the car sale. Use the information from the questioning stage of the process. Present what the buyer has told you they want.

This is for all sales people that are serious about earning money from their career in car sales.

Invest in yourself and learn more to earn more.

A great sales presentation and walk round will help you to convert more sales and multiply your earnings.

How top sellers make sales

Automotive sales training on giving a great sales presentation while you complete the walk round is part of the car sales process of this sales training website.

You can see a car selling process that starts with making an appointment and finishes with a closed sale, and a commission payment.

The complete car sale process
looks like this

A complete car sales guide to how to sell cars using professional car sales techniques.

As new pages are added the page titles will change into links.

The car sales process main page

Appointment setting and prospecting for car sales

The introduction and meeting the prospect

Questioning the car buyer’s needs

Presenting the best car for your customer ....(This page)

Car Sales Techniques to Overcome Objections.

Selling a car on the test drive

Negotiation techniques to sell cars

Selling cars and closing the deal

Selling techniques to give you sales referrals and recommendations

How top sellers make sales

Automotive sales training, on how to give a great car sales presentation, will make selling cars easy and earn you more money.

A quick recap

You’ve followed the ideas you heard on the Introduction and meeting the customer page.

Then to establish what the customer wants to the car to do for them, you’ve used the automotive sales training on questioning the car customer’s needs.

Now you can use that information to give the best sales presentation you’ve ever made, and enjoy making selling easy.

Check the information that will form your presentation

Summarise back to the customer the information they have given you on their wants, needs, and desires. Do it in the same order they gave it to you ....You’ll see why later.

Now before we give our stunning car sales presentation on the best car to meet the buyer’s needs, there is one last question to ask.

Have I got everything?

Ask the customer in your own words, Is that it? Is there anything else you want your new car to do for you?

This is important Read it

Gain Agreement to the list of needs, wants, and desires they have given you.

If you’ve followed the car sales process you should have in front of you a list of the benefits the buyer wants.

...Not just the features. The benefits they want are far more important.

Gaining agreement to the benefits they want is an important part of the car sales closing process.

This is professional closing that is done throughout the sale.

If you want to understand more about closing sales in this way, click on Closing the Deal and get some great automotive sales training on how to close car sales.

Now you’re ready to present your sales proposal to the customer

The car sales presentation

We said on the Questioning page that if you work on your questioning skills the buyer writes the Sales Presentation for you.

The mental process you will have been going through as you questioned the buyer should have pointed you towards a particular make, model, size, colour of car. You’re an expert on the cars you sell.

As part of your automotive sales training knowledge, you will have matched the ideal car to this buyer as you were talking to them. They will have guided you to a car that meets their needs.

That’s a great start, but remember to stay flexible.

Do you really know the difference between a Feature and a Benefit

This is a must know part of any automotive sales training. A feature is something the car does or has. For example, the car has air conditioning, this is a feature.

A benefit is what the feature does for the customer. Air conditioning ensures the customer will be comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

As a sales manager and trainer I coach top sales people to think and sell benefits.


A customer might tell you they want air bags. (a Feature) Ask them what they want the airbags to do for them. (the Benefit) Why do they want airbags. They may answer, they want the safety the airbags offer for their children.

They want the benefits

What the customer wants is safety for their children, not airbags.

Because you have invested in automobile sales training to increase your sales success rate, you know all about the features that can supply the benefit the buyer wants.

You can explain how airbags may not be the best feature to keep the children safe if an accident occurs. And you can give a great presentation on the features that will give the customer what they want.

There is a superb exercise that will train your mind to instantly make these connections between features and benefits.

I’ve included it in a complete sales training workbook for those that are serious about wanting to earn their full potential.

Keep it interesting

Don’t bore the buyer with your technical knowledge. Simply point out the feature, and present the benefits.

Take a look at how selling the benefits is used as part of the selling process and see how you can use it in your automotive sales training. Open Free Sales Techniques in a new window and see where it leads.

How to give the best car sales presentation you’ve ever done

When you Question the customer’s needs, you start with conversation promoting questions.

These are wide open questions such as, Tell me what you’re looking for? The buyer will answer with whatever is most important to them at the time.

So if they mention, affordable, in their first answer, you know price and budget are a major need.

A really effective automotive sales training tip, is to present the benefits the buyer wants, back to them in the same order they gave them to you in the questioning stage of the car sales process. So affordable would be top of your presentation list, because the buyer put it there.

There are other reasons for doing this, related to good sales communication skills. This car sales technique gets your presentation over to the buyer in a way that they can best take it in.

You don’t need to get tangled up in the psychology of why it works. You just need to know that this automotive sales training works.

A very simple car sales training tip

If you’re not sure from the buyer’s answers what is the next most important need they have. You can do something really obvious that many sales people just don’t think of.

You can ask them what is the most important thing your new car must do for you?

I know it sounds a very obvious statement on an automotive sales training page. But you would be surprised how few sales people think of doing it. They get all carried away presenting feature after feature.

One important fact

If you only take away one piece of automotive sales training from this site, let it be this.

Customers buy benefits not features

This one piece of car sales training will close your sales and earn you money

How you work towards closing
the car sale

Now use the same sales technique for your sales presentation.

Present one topic that covers a customer’s need, and all it’s related benefits and features, and then stop.

Before you go any further. Gain agreement from the customer. Ask for agreement that they can see how the benefits of the car you are presenting meets the need they expressed in the questioning stage.

This is a powerful automotive sales training closing technique.

To consider how you can use this to full effect, look at Closing the Deal in a new window then come back here and carry on.

Once you’ve gained agreement move on to the next need on the list and work down that funnel. gain agreement and move on.

Presenting the car

Some sales trainers advise you to use a set routine when you present the car with it’s features and benefits. It’s called names such as, the 5 Point walk around.

If you do this you can find you’re doing the same presentation to every customer. You’ll also find that every other car dealer the customer has visited presents their cars in the same way. You want to be different. Present uniquely for each buyer.

Use the information they gave you

You have a list of the benefits the buyer wants, and their order of importance.

Use it to its full benefit

Present the car in line with the other automobile sales training tips on this page.

The buyer is mainly interested in the benefits they have told you about. Present them first, in the order the buyer has indicated is important.

Additional features of the car can be used later to support the presentation.

You might want to open that bonnet and show that superb piece of computerised, purring technology that powers the car.

If the customer isn’t interested you could bore them away. Or worse frighten them with all the stuff that could go wrong. You may see it as the main feature of the car. To them it could look like a technical nightmare waiting to happen

You might think the sound system is the cars best feature. A bass and volume that could rock a nightclub. Connection ports so you can plug in every new whizzy bit of kit that comes on the market.

That may not be important to the buyer. They could feel they’re paying for something they won’t really use.

Automotive sales training
Major car sale tip

Focus your presentation on the benefits the buyer has told you they want, in the order of importance they have given you.

Automotive sales training summary

Main points of the automotive sales training on giving a professional car sales presentation

Good product and competitor knowledge

The ability to relate the features of the car, and the service you provide, to the benefits the buyer wants. Know what your competition offers and how to present better.

Enthusiasm and belief in the product

A very positive attitude towards the product and the company. Show you believe in what you sell. If you don’t, they won’t.

A great structure to your presentation

Use the structure the customer gave you, when you questioned their needs, as the basis of your presentation.

Build the relationship with the customer

People buy from people they like, and are like them. spend time on the relationship before you even think of selling.

And the most important automotive sales training I can give you on presenting the car

Sell the Benefits and not just the Features

Find more sales training and gain the rewards of your investment

The car sales training section is a complete process that starts on the car sales process main page.

The Sales Skills. section is bursting with sales training from a wide range of sales markets and industries. Over 20 years of sales experience available for you to pick and choose, and take what you want.

And if you want to start a search from the beginning, leave automotive sales training and move to the home page by following the link.

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