Automobile Sales Training to Make Appointment Setting Feel Good

Automobile Sales Training on the first stage of the Sales Process.

Feel confident and enjoy appointment setting and prospecting for car sales.

Earn the most you can from your automobile selling skills as you fill your appointment diary and boost your sales.

Appointment setting and prospecting

It doesn’t matter how good a sales closer you are, you have to feel confident about attracting prospects to meet with you so you can use your car sales skills.

Car sales is too competitive to sit waiting for customers to come through the door. And that’s boring.

Think of yourself as self employed. Build a prospect data base. Have a pipeline of people you’re working on. Get some ideas by opening marketing ideas. Not all the marketing ideas are suitable for automobile sales training, but it will start you thinking creatively.

The opportunities that
will open to you

People are a lot more open about contacting car showrooms now.

In years gone by they only contacted you when they were close to buying, or making a decision.

Now, people want information. We all have telephones and Internet and we use them to get the information at the start of our buying process.

The telephone calls you could be taking can be:

Hot leads that you’ve already spoken to
Completely cold calls
You will be taking incoming calls
Making outbound sales appointment calls

To build your prospect base make sure you’re confident making cold calls. Take a look at some of the sales training on Cold Calling Techniques that's avalable on this site.

Build your pipeline of live prospects

If you haven't already read the information on sales prospecting and building your list of prospects open Sales Prospecting in a new window then come back to automobile sales training.

You have 3 objectives

At this stage of automobile sales training on the sales process for car sales, you’ve got 3 objectives.

  • Build a relationship
  • Gain information
  • Achieve an appointment

1. Build a relationship

We all look for businesses and sales people that we can trust.

Understand this and you will understand this section of the automobile sales training.

If it was an emergency and I needed a plumber I may go straight to a directory and choose a local business that I didn’t know.

But if I want a gardener, or a decorator, I don’t look in the yellow pages or search the internet. There is no time pressure, I can take time to make decisions.

First I ask friends and relatives. I look for recommendations. The gardener has done a great job on someone else’s garden, I can expect the same.

The decorator impressed my neighbour, if I use the same one I won’t be making a mistake.

Build the trust, gain their respect

You cannot sell a car to a customer before you have built a trusting relationship.

Don't try and sell too soon.

You will not get an appointment with a potential buyer until you have at least started to gain their trust, and their respect.

They must also start to like you.

Your objective is to gain an appointment so you can use your sales skills.

Go for the sale too soon, before you’ve built a relationship, and you’ll blow your chances.

If you were considering buying a new computer, and you didn’t have any technical knowledge, which of these would you take notice of:

A sales advertisement that’s shouts in your face sales offers.

A revue of the major products on offer by an unbiased expert.

A recommendation from someone you know that has already bought one.

So when you're selling: Give information as an expert

Get recommendations from happy customers

Don’t try and sell by hitting the buyer with sales pitch

Actions to get you thinking differently

Try this automobile sales training technique.

The next time you speak to prospect on the telephone focus on building a relationship. Use a notepad and tick it every time you say something that attempts to build trust, and gain their respect.

Try and increase the number of ticks on every call you take. Do this and you will increase the selling opportunities you get. I’ve trained many people in sales roles and this has worked for them.

2. Gain information

Your objective is to get an appointment with the potential customer.

You should also have secondary objectives so that if you miss the main target you still come away with something.

Look at your objectives this way

Main objective

Gain an appointment with all the information you need and want to prepare for the meeting.

Secondary objectives

Agree a follow up action that will lead to an appointment
Understand what’s stopping the appointment now
Gather information for future contact
Leave the call with the foundations of a relationship in place

If you get the appointment

What information do you want from the prospect so you can make the appointment great for them? Have you got a list?

Or, are you just going to do your standard old sales pitch that every customer gets. Use the automobile sales training and bring everything you do into conscious focus.

What do they want a car for? Are they meeting you on their own? Can they make a decision on their own? You need to know how to show them exactly what they want.

What cars have they considered? Are they part exchanging? Have they seen a particular deal? What else should you be asking?

If you don’t get an appointment

Have you got a list of information that you want if you don’t get the appointment?

In sales, when it comes to questioning a customer have a list of information you want, not a list of questions. A lit of questions can turn into a question and answer session, or worse an interrogation.

Learn more sales questioning training by clicking here and opening Questioning Techniques

Look at what you need to know to achieve your secondary objectives.

You may not sell to them now, but they’re going on your prospect list.

You’re going to send them birthday cards, holiday cards, updates on your latest offers. Keep regular contact. Email independent revues on your cars.

Make changes as a result of investing your time in the automobile sales training here.

Build that relationship with each prospect and the sales will come. Give them information with no obligations. Keep building that relationship. Keep it personal. The contact is from you, not the company.

3. Achieve an appointment

Create an opportunity to sell

Why should a prospect meet with you?

Have a look at Appointment Setting and get some fresh ideas that you can adapt for car sales training.

I don’t have to tell you, There’s a lot of competition in the automotive sales market.

You’ve probably heard all the unsuccessful car sales people blaming the competition for their failure.

If I phoned up 5 car showroom dealerships what makes you stand out as one I should meet with. ...Notice I said you, and not your showroom, your employer, or your business.

Take on board this important automobile sales training idea

A prospect phones in, or you contact them, and it’s you that they are judging. Both consciously and unconsciously, they are making assessments and valuations about you. Any opinions they form regarding the company are based on the communication with you.

In the car sales market it is unlikely that you have a unique selling point. You see all your competitors with deals on that are just as good as yours.

The next stage in the Car Sales Process is the Sales introduction.

If you just can't wait and you want to move there now, click the link to go to the Car Sales Introduction page and see how to make a stunning impression on the customer.

When you've introduced yourself, and what you can do for a car buyer, you move through the sales process to questioning the buyer's needs, wants, and desires.

Then give a great car sales presentation by following the link and open a new page.

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