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Why sales training fails and how you can make it work
March 20, 2022

Why Sales Training Fails

How to asses your training needs and make your investment in training work for you

See why sales training fails for many individuals and businesses despite them spending huge amounts of money on courses, presentations, downloads and experts.

In my sales career I've seen individuals invest their own money in expensive sales training.

I've seen organisations spend huge budgets on trainers, consultants, and psychologists.

And many times I've seen no increase in the sales results and no return on the investment.

See why sales training fails and how to make it work for you at: Professional Sales Training Advice

Sales Training must be customised for the needs of the individual

Sales people, including you, will have strong stages of their sales process and will will have some weaker areas that can be improved.

The strengths and weaknesses will be different for each person.

So why do companies send all their sales people on the same courses?

If a seller is great at closing sales but fumbles around when trying to discover needs, they need specific sales training on asking sales questions.

This is why sales training fails

We are all individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses

See how to assess your sales training needs and the actions you can take to make training work for you.

Find your weaknesses, or those of your team, and find sales training that accurately targets the areas of the sale that will yield the best results and return on your investment of time and resources.

See a full page that will help you assess training needs by visiting: Professional Sales Training Advice

Enjoy Your Selling Success

Stephen Craine

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