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The Sales Buzz Issue 174 - Vanity Sales Techniques – Can you use them?
September 12, 2012

Vanity sales techniques – Retailers deny they use them or that they even exists, but if these underhand selling tactics are being used could you adapt and develop them for your sales role. ...

Vanity Sales Techniques – Can you use them?

Vanity sales techniques are used by retail sellers to make their potential buyers feel good about themselves and associate those positive feelings with the store.

Retailers have always denied they use these vanity retail sales techniques.

I’m not going to argue that point here as I’m more interested in giving you ideas on how you could use these sales techniques in your role.

Vanity selling is a range of retail sales techniques, or alleged techniques as retailers keep denying they would ever use such underhand tactics to increase sales.

The most popular technique is used by clothing and fashion stores where the sizes on the labels of the clothing are one or two sizes larger than the actual items really are.

When the customer tries on the clothes they assume they have lost weight because their usual size now feels too big on them. This makes them feel good about themselves and not only do they buy the clothes, in a smaller size than usual, but they will come back to the store in the future to feel good about trying and buying clothes again.

Follow this through and link it to how you could increase sales...

Can Vanity Sales Techniques be Adapted for Your Market Place

The basic principle of this technique is to make the customer feel good about themselves and relate that good feeling to you, your product, or your business.

So let’s follow some ideas and see which ones click into place for your business:

Can you pitch your product or service in such a way that the customer will feel good about themselves. Is there a way your product can make them appear, to themselves or others, as better than they appear now.

If you can relate your product to an ability, skill level, knowledge, or experience that a customer has, you can make the customer feel good that you have recognised this level of whatever it is. What you are saying to your potential customer in your sales offer is this:

Because you have / are / or do... insert the skill, experience, or ability, the customer has... you can have this particular product.

You are linking the product to something about the customer and this will make them feel good about themselves. They will tell colleagues and friends that you recognise that they are at a certain level, have something, or do something.

Selling a Service

For sales people that sell a service you can do the same in your sales offers.

When you have questioned the prospect about what they have or do now, you can present your sales offer based on how good they are as a company, or the great decisions they have made to get to where they are now, and make them feel like they have done something positive.

Some of your competitors will do the opposite by criticising the prospect’s current service or the buying decisions they have made. Think about it, the result is the customer links negative feelings to your competitors and positive feelings to you. This makes selling and repeat business a whole lot easier.

You probably noticed that the above techniques are not standard sales course material. You won’t find these ideas on corporate sales courses presented by trainers. These are sales skills developed and tested in real sales situations with a working sales team selling to real prospects. To see more real sales skills developed in the same way just click to follow Sales and Training Solutions...

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