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Using Sales Questioning Funnels
September 29, 2021

Using Sales Questioning Funnels

The most effective way I have come across to get information from sales prospects is the Sales Questioning Funnels

A proven process to get prospects talking about their needs, wants, and desires.

GET PROSPECTS TALKING - The Questioning Funnels let you have a conversation not an interrogation.

My sales teams have all learnt to use this questioning technique for both face to face sales meetings and telesales calls.

Even the lowest responders answer with long sentences and plenty of information, rather than short or one word replies

The Sales Questioning Funnel

The Funnel starts with wide open questions - These are not the old fashioned open questions you may have been trained to use first in the past.

Wide Open Questions get prospects talking about what's important to them. Useful information for a sales person.

As you go down the funnel the questions become narrower and give you more focused and specific information.

I strongly recommend you consider using the Questioning Funnels in your sales role.

There is a full page on how to use the funnels on the website and I include in depth training in the online courses I offer.

Start using the sales technique by visiting:Sales Questioning Funnels

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