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The Sales Buzz Issue 225 - The Feel Felt Found Technique
March 18, 2014

The Feel Felt Found Technique

Tips on objection handling using a tried and tested technique called Feel Felt Found.

If you like me have come across this sales objection technique before then it’s a great reminder to make sure we use it when needed.

If you’ve never seen this before then you are in for a treat and you’ll be adding a great objection handling skill to your repertoire.

The Feel Felt Found sales technique is great way to get past some obstacles that stop you closing the sale.

You can use it to handle those objections that come from the customer’s instant reactive feelings to your sales pitch and it’s especially effective in retail sales.

3 Steps to overcoming objections

1. You understand why they FEEL as they do about your sales proposal

Stage 1 of these tips on objection handling is when you are hit with an objection tell the prospect that you understand why they feel this way about your sales proposal.

Don’t meet them head on, don’t push back against the objection, but also you are not agreeing with them. You are letting them know that it is understandable that they could feel as they do.

2. Other people FELT the same way

Let the prospect know that other customers have felt just like they do now, and that they still went on to buy the product. You’re letting them know it’s not a deal stopper and they are just like other people who have felt unsure about agreeing to a sale.

Your customer wants to be like other people, we all do. There’s safety in numbers, and we follow safe paths that others have taken before us.

So up to now you have said that you understand why they have raised the objection. You’ve let the customer know that other people have felt the same way, and they have still gone on to buy.

And the reason they went on to buy is because of stage 3 which you can find at

3. What others FOUND was

Tell your customer what other people found when they went on to buy from you.

What they found that overcomes the same sales objection that has been brought out now. Don’t just overcome the sales objection by saying, they found everything was okay. Tell the customer how others, with the same concerns, found that not only was everything okay, but actually it was great.

Here are some examples of the technique in use:

I understand why you might Feel the costs are higher than you expected. Other customers have Felt the same way. What they found was, the money they saved over time made this product a really good investment.

I know exactly how you feel. When I first saw it I felt the same. But when I tried it I found I looked at it from a completely different viewpoint..

It’s understandable that you feel that way. Others have felt the same when they thought about changing. Now after making the changes they’ve found that they’re glad they did.

I can understand how you might feel about trying this week’s Sales Buzz ezine objection tip. When I was first shown the Feel, Felt, Found, way of handling sales objections I felt the same. Now I’ve found it works well in certain situations and I’m pleased I started using it.

If you like this technique we have a full section on handling objections on the website at sales objection main page...

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