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The Sales Buzz Issue 32-Small Business Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Small Business Sales
June 21, 2009

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In this week's issue:

Small Business Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Small Business Sales

Small business marketing ideas using technology to effectively contact your customers and prospects.

Starting with email and newsletters, and how to use this simple tool to increase your small business sales.

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Small Business Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Small Business Sales

Small business marketing ideas using technology, are no longer about a few mail shots and an advert in the local newspaper.

There's a whole range of marketing ideas, that use new technology, that can be tailored to effectively communicate with your prospects and customers.

On the Internet there’s small business marketing ideas on Blogging, Webcasting and podcasting, Your own website, E-zines and newsletters, and all the other modern small business sales communication techniques.

It can all sound really complicated. It did to me when I started my website.

I knew nothing about building and maintaining my own website.

I had never read a blog, and I didn’t realise that the information I received by email from small businesses was an e-zine.

So where does a small business owner start when they decide they want the benefits of holistic marketing to communicate with their buyers?

How can a self employed business man or woman, that sells their own services, get the full effect of the Internet and associated small business marketing ideas?

Small business marketing tips

My best small business marketing tip is to look at what you want to achieve first, and then choose the right technology to put it into action.

Then look for suppliers of that technology that:

  • Make it easy to use and get results
  • Have been used by other people and recommended
  • Are cost effective and reasonably priced for what you get

Let’s start with E-mail and E-Zines

You’re reading this newsletter that was sent by email. That’s a good start because as you’re reading it we know it works as a way to contact people with an interest in what you offer.

Any small business sales operation can set up a free newsletter and send it out by email. The best newsletters, also called e-zines, use a simple format such as a pdf or even a word document format. This is because people are interested in the content not the fancy effects and flashing titles.

The more complicated you make the presentation of your newsletter the longer it takes to open and the more memory it uses when your customer reads it. It will also annoy the reader if there are too many effects and fancy fonts or animations.

Choose your type of message

Forget selling, this is not a small business sales brochure. These small business marketing ideas are about sending information to people that have an interest in the same field as you are working in.

Write an interesting newsletter and you:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Build a relationship with like minded people
  • Attract like minded people to your business, your website, your small business sales catalogue

If the idea of sending great content and information to prospects and customers, rather than trying to sell to them, is new to you, open the C-T-P-M process to increase sales and see how some website owners us it.

What information do you want to send to your readers about your small business?

An article on your latest product. Some industry news. The latest legislation in your marketplace.

A ‘How to...’ article showing your expertise and knowledge. Tell them how to save money, choose a supplier, what to look for when buying.

Show them what you know, share your knowledge and experience. Build a relationship with your customers and prospects. Offer them help and they will reciprocate with visits to your small business sales website or advert.

Now send it in a simple format

I know what you’re thinking. You want to know who you can send it to.

You have to start collecting email addresses.

If you have a website add a box like the one where you added your email address to receive this newsletter.

...Not got a website? ..Every small business can benefit from a website.

Take a look at a very easy way to get online. It’s the company I use for my website. They have the 3 things I look for when I’m buying any small business marketing tool...

  • Easy to put into action
  • Realistic investment cost for what I’m getting
  • Proven and recommended by other people

They’re called SBI, Site Build It, and I’ve used them to put my small business marketing online.

They have a very informative website that has many small business marketing ideas that you can use for free whether you buy from them or not. Open the SBI Home Page and have a click around a site that I am happy to recommend.

Retail, B2B, Field sales, Direct sales, Service or Product sellers

I bought a new pair of walking boots a few weeks ago. I tried a new retail outlet I hadn’t used before. Everything in the store had 2 prices. One for discount card holders and one for non card holders. The discount card prices were up to 50% cheaper than the non card holder prices.

How much do these discount cards cost?

Just a £4 UK administration charge. So why do they do it. Why go to all the trouble of printing 2 price tags?

Because they know the value to small business sales operations of regular contact with customers. When you buy the £4 card you give them your email address so they can send you their free newsletter.

You get lots of outdoor activity information, and all the latest offers you can benefit from as a discount card holder. It’s one of the great small business marketing ideas that can be used in many forms.

Think how you can create a club, a discount card, a way of collecting email addresses so you can keep in regular contact with your customers and prospects.

For more information on small business sales open marketing ideas for small businesses and learn how to use today’s technology to increase your sales.

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