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The Sales Buzz Issue 266 - Set Personal Targets
April 16, 2015

Set Personal Targets – Not Just Sales Targets

Set personal targets as you take a look at what you do in your sales role from a different viewpoint.

The old way is use the sales target the company gives you as your personal target.

The new way is to take control.

Set yourself, or your sales team, targets for sales, actions.

And targets for sales activity that will help you to meet the targets and give you the rewards that you want.

Reframe your viewpoint on targets.

Set your own targets and use them as an objective for your actions and as a tool for measuring progress.

Put numbers against the actions and activities.

What do you need to do.

Hit all the targets you set and make your success come easy.

Take a moment to consider what your sales target really is

Most people think it’s simple. For example they set personal targets that match their employer’s target. They set out to just achieve a certain number of sales closed within a set period of time.

But often it’s more complicated and includes a number of smaller targets such as a minimum number of a certain product, or a mix of a range of products.

Then there are targets that the company doesn’t set but you should.

These are actions you have to complete this month to hit your sales target next month. Top achievers set targets for these actions.

Is the company target your target

100% of the company target may not be your target. You may want to achieve 120% so that you hit that next level of commission, or so that you still hit your on target earnings even after taking a holiday.

I know some sales people that set 80% of the company sales target as their personal target because that’s the point at which they get commission.

Even if your target is a simple one, is that your only target

The company you work for may have set you a sales target and as long as you hit that target your job is safe and you earn commission.

But to make it easier for you to hit next month’s target, or the year end target, are there other targets you should be setting for yourself each month.

Maybe collecting a certain number for prospects for next month, or creating a target number of appointments for next sales period. If there is something you should be doing pin a number on it and set a target for it.

Remember this is your target not the company’s, and you are setting it to make sure you achieve what you want not just what your employer wants.

Set personal targets and hit your numbers

Do you know how many appointments you will need next month to hit the sales targets you, or your company have set?

If you don’t sit down and work it out.

Work out the average value of a sale.

How many sales do you need to achieve target?

On average how many prospects do you need to meet with to make a sale?

How many cold calls to prospects does it take to make an appointment?

Using the above information you will know how many cold calls you will need to make to hit your target number of appointments, to hit your target number of sales based on the average value of a sale.

These are your targets.

If you’re a sales manager you can do this for your team

If you’re a sales manager you should get your team doing the exercise above.

You should be able to ask any of your team at the mid month point:

How many sales they have closed in the current month.

How many appointments are booked in for the rest of the current month.

Based on their average conversion rate of sales from appointments is that enough appointments to give them their sales target.

If not they are hoping to hit their target, not planning to hit it.

Which sales skills are your weakest

We all have some sales skills that are our weakest, that could do with being improved. Which sales skills can you improve to help you to hit all your personal targets each month?

To start your mission to hit all your targets get some training on your weakest skill areas by taking a look at the main page of the Proven sales training website...

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