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The Sales Buzz Issue 222 - Selling a Dream or Having a Nightmare
February 19, 2014

Selling a Dream or Having a Nightmare

Selling a dream is a great sales technique that works by building positive pictures of what your product will do for you customer.

Then you bring in the customers other senses.

Sounds of a future with your product.

Linked to feelings of enjoyment that mean they experience the dream of owning or using what you sell and the life benefits that will bring them.

It works really well for a whole range of products, but what if you are not selling a dream product. What if you’re selling a product or service that is only noticed when things go wrong or when something bad happens.

Many sales people have a nightmare because they use sales techniques that don’t match their products. You have to match your sales techniques, your sales pitch, and the pictures you put into your customer’s mind, to the products that you sell.

Do you sell a dream product or something that stops nightmares

Let’s start with the products that are easy to identify.

Vacations, houses, cars, they are all dream products. Sales products that can give your customers highly charged positive feelings. Products that do this can be sold using sales skills to get the buyer to feel the dream before they buy and that can influence their decision.

Products that don’t lead to these positive feelings need to be sold using sales techniques that get the customer to experience other pictures, sounds, and feelings. These products include: any product that gives the buyer security, services such as cleaning or repair, and everyday necessities.

Selling these types of products is more difficult because you can’t build dreams, but it can be done with other sales techniques and when you get it right you will have a big advantage on your competitors and your colleagues.

So the first step to making more sales could be for you to decide if your products can give your buyers a dream, or do they prevent nightmares.

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