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The Sales Buzz Issue 36-Sales Team Training on Motivation Techniques
July 20, 2009

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In this week's issue:

How to use NLP for self motivation

How sales people can control their state and shrug of the effects of negative situations that we all have to face as part of our role. Learn how NLP van help you stay motivated and give you Techniques for Self Motivation

Sales team training on motivation techniques

Sales team training using free motivation techniques from the Internet that give you great results and won’t cost you a penny. If you manage a sales team or run a small business with sales staff, then you will find a great idea motivation technique, that's easy to put into action, and it's free...

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How to use NLP for self motivation

How to use NLP for self motivation, to control your feelings, and deal with the negative effects of any bad sales experience.

In this section of the site you'll discover NLP motivation tools that can put you in the perfect frame of mind to use all your sales skills and experience to their full potential?

Your job involves interaction with people.

As a sales professional you will face challenging situations. Deal with rejection.

Overcome sales objections and get let down by others.

...Does that sound like a typical day in a sales role for you?..

Even the best sales people and sales managers can start to feel the negative impacts of these experiences as they start to stack up.

That's when self motivation techniques using NLP can benefit you. Learn how to use NLP sales motivation techniques and you can put yourself in a positive state ready for the next sales appointment.

NLP – What is it?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) started as an alternative form of psychotherapy in the mid-seventies.

The two co-founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, looked at human behaviour, and attempted to find rules and programmes relating to actions and linguistic communication.

Now NLP has been transformed into a valuable tool for all areas of personal development. It provides a set of models that will help you to discover what it is you want and how to achieve it.

As more people learned how to use NLP motivation techniques they were refined and adapted for use in specific disciplines. Now it is part of the accepted training for, therapy and performance coaching. Sports, sales and sales management and all forms of human interaction and communication.

There are even specialist in NLP dating, seducing, and flirting techniques.

If you're now seeing something new and exciting, and becoming aware of that feeling that NLP could be what you've been looking for, click and read how to use NLP...

Sales team training
motivation techniques

Sales team training using free motivation techniques from the Internet that give you great results and won’t cost you a penny.

  • Learn how to motivate your employees
  • Create a sales and motivation training program
  • Use the free resources available on the Internet

The Internet is packed with great free motivation and sales training information. Here’s a great way to use it to motivate your sales team for free. Be the first in your organisation to put this idea into action and claim the credit.

This simple motivation technique quickly builds into a great company resource, and you could start it today with one easy action that you’ll see later.

I’m a working sales manager with a large sales team. On this page I’ll show you how my sales team put together an effective motivation training tool that they can now use whenever they need it. Click the link to read more and see how easy it is to put into action...

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Pick up sales techniques and sales skills from wherever you can. You do not have to spend huge amounts of money to get the learn sales skills that are right for you. I present sales techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn sales skills
  • Short and to the point
  • Simple to put into action

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The Sales Buzz

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Stephen Craine

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